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Can I take out car finance for someone else?


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Where's my spare wheel?

Why cars don't come with full-size spare wheels anymore

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Green Technologies in New Cars

Green Technologies in New Cars

With more car makers producing green vehicles, expect to see more hybrids, renewable energy and some potentially game-changing technology.

Febreze Road Trip

Febreze Road Trip

Fresh car = happy passengers. It may seem obvious, but try telling some drivers. Thankfully, The Febreze CAR Vent Clip keeps everyone happy (sponsored post).

The Car Expert was a finalist in the Automotive category at the 2014 UK Blog Awards

The Car Expert provides independent and impartial advice for anyone buying a new or used car, as well as news and information from all over the automotive world.  Make sure you are buying the best car for your needs, and get the best possible deal, with advice from The Car Expert.