Friday, May 29, 2015


Overtaking - how to do it safely (The Car Expert)

How should you go about overtaking the vehicle in front of you? Most drivers overtake without really thinking about it, until it starts going wrong. And by then, it's often too late...


Ford Focus RS 800x400

Sizzling sports cars, saloons, superminis or SUVs – whatever your preferred shape of car, 2015 promises to be a belter. This article by Jennings Ford Direct looks at some highlights (sponsored post)


Ferrari 599 GTB with AL10NSO personal number plate

You don’t realise how many personal plates there are on the road until you look for them. On a single journey you may see five or six. It doesn’t matter what car you have or who you are, anyone can buy a plate. Purchasing a personalised plate couldn’t be easier (sponsored post)


PCP car finance - explained by The Car Expert
Many people are unclear about the PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), which is offered by nearly every car manufacturer in the UK. This is usually offered by the manufacturer’s own finance company, although there are some other lenders who offer PCPs as well. The Car Expert explains how it works.

fuel economy - premium petrol or premium diesel - the car expert
One of the most common questions UK car buyers ask is "Should I buy a Petrol or Diesel car?" Well, there's no easy answer, and fuel economy is only part of it.

Car finance is how most people buy their vehicle
Many new and used car buyers in the UK are making their purchase with finance of some sort. But how does car finance work and what are the implications?

Is a diesel car suitable for city driving? Ask The Car Expert.
One of the most frequent questions submitted to is "Are diesel cars suitable for city driving?" Well, find out here...





New car depreciation
Cars lose money the moment you drive them away from the showroom, but why? The Car Expert gives you a crash course in new car depreciation.