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You know you spend too much time in your car when your wish list comprises of car-specific gadgets and accessories. While new wiper blades and replacement floors might be extremely useful, they’re not the sort of snazzy gifts you want to add some luxury to your motor. Here are some awesome gadgets and gizmos that not only will you want, but friends and family will want to buy them for you.

A gadget for coffee lovers

Driving and coffee pretty much go hand in hand. Long hours on the road means that you may just need that quick caffeine boost to keep you going. There are a couple of 12v coffee makers out there, but none that look quite as cool as the Handpresso Auto which delivers a creamy, delicious espresso at the press of a button! In fact, this coffee maker has been specifically designed to be so easy to use that you can easily do it one-handed while driving (not that we would recommend that at all – ed). Best of all, this little gadget is the perfect size to stick into a standard cup holder.

A pressure washer for neat freaks

Having a clean car can make a whole world of difference to your driving experience.  Instead of dishing out £10 every two weeks to have your car professionally cleaned and waxed, why not get a pressure washer and do it yourself?  You’ll probably end up saving yourself money and having a lot more satisfaction knowing that your shiny car is down to your hard work.

A parking camera for easy reversing

Over recent years there has been a huge increase in the amount of people driving crossover 4x4s and larger cars. While they carry many benefits, such as being safer to drive and giving you a more prestigious appearance, they can be very difficult to park. Reversing cameras are a brilliant way to save yourself bumping into other cars and objects you can’t see from the driver’s seat. Who knows, a £200 camera kit could end up saving you thousands in repairs to dented bumpers!

A speakerphone to chat legally

Nobody wants to get three points on their licence for being caught driving while on the phone, but at the same time you will want to be able to safely make or take a phone call if you have to. There are hundreds of different speakerphones available for your car, from those annoying ear buds that plug into your phone to the high tech Bluetooth systems that integrate with your car radio.  One of the best systems out there at the moment is the Supertooth HD which allows you to communicate with it by voice command and provides crystal clear audio.

AA Roadwatch Pro

AA Roadwatch Pro app gadget

(c) The AA

Traffic is every motorist’s worst enemy, but for just £2 a year you can be one step ahead of the traffic! While you may not be able to completely avoid being stuck in traffic jams, you can at least anticipate in advance where the problems are going to be. This app from the AA works on all Apple and Windows devices and can plan out your journey.

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This article was written by Nathan at Nathaniel Cars, When Nathan is out on the forecourt of Nathaniel Cars, he enjoys writing about the latest car trends and keeping pace with the automotive industry.

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