Testimonial – I moved house and now I need a car!

Iju and his family had just moved house and needed a car. Deciding that he should get some specialist assistance, Iju called The Car Expert.

Are diesel cars suitable for city driving?

One of the most frequent questions submitted to is "Are diesel cars suitable for city driving?" Well, find out here...

Volvo V40 review

The all-new Volvo V40 has a low price, high spec and class-leading safety. This is definitely one Volvo the Germans should be concerned about.

Which optional extras are worth paying for?

The right car is dependent on personal tastes of every driver. Optional extras are one factor that consumers have to weigh up.

Testimonial – New baby, new car!

Greg and Liz, from south London, faced a situation like thousands of others – they were expecting a baby and their car wasn’t going to be suitable. Time for a new car, but what to choose?

Are women drivers better than men?

Sharpen those knives, people! Are women drivers better than men, or vice versa? Ooh, controversy! Find out what The Car Expert has to say about it here.

The electric car is finally here, but is it worth it?

The electric car is finally starting to hit the road, but how does it compare with a regular hybrid, and what's a plug-in hybrid? The Car Expert explains.

Testimonial – Rachel’s New Car

Rachel really needed a new car to replace her ageing Toyota Corolla. She had been looking around at a few different vehicles, but was not especially inspired and didn’t really have a lot of time to research the marketplace more thoroughly.

Downsizing your car – things to consider

“I’m downsizing my car” is a phrase that car dealers hear a lot from buyers.  People often get to a stage where they are considering a smaller car than they currently have, for a variety of reasons.  Often it’s empty-nesters who no longer need to take the kids to school, footy practice, swimming lessons, camping holidays and so on. Other times it’s for reasons of economy – “My current car costs me...

Fuel Economy – petrol or diesel?

One of the most common questions UK car buyers ask is "Should I buy a Petrol or Diesel car?" Well, there's no easy answer, and fuel economy is only part of it.

The Car Expert hits 400 Twitter followers

2 March 2012: The Car Expert has reached 400 followers on Twitter today, which followed hitting 100 followers on Facebook earlier in the week. We are also still growing on Google+, but there is surely a limit as to how many people work for Google and are interested in cars...

Alloy wheels – the wheel deal

Why do some drivers spend thousands changing the alloy wheels on their cars? Is it about looks, or are there technical reasons behind it?

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