Car accessories: personalise your car on a budget

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Car accessories: personalise your car on a budget

Having a flash car doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on a brand new one that is completely out of your price range. Whether your car is ten years old or a more recent model, there are plenty of ways to enhance the value of your car on a budget with some well-chosen car accessories.

Here are just a few options that you could consider to accessorise your pride and joy that won’t break the bank:

New wheels

BMW M3 coupe with aftermarket aluminium alloy wheels (The Car Expert)A set of new alloy wheels can really transform the look of a car, and are one of the most common car accessories that drivers purchase. But before you go out and purchase some wheels (that can be very expensive), do your research and look around at your options. For example, when cars get written off in an accident, they are usually taken straight to the scrap yard.  Depending on what damage was caused in the accident, the wheels may still be in top condition.  You may just find yourself some replacement wheels at a fraction of the cost of the standard retail price. However, before you get too carried away and purchase them, remember to check that the wheels are compatible with your car (wheel size and number of bolts are obvious points, but there are offsets and bolt spacings to consider as well) and you are not being ripped off in any way.

Update your car interior

Aftermarket car seat coversAre your car seats looking old and tired? If the answer is yes, then rather than investing in some brand new seats that are completely out of your budget, look around for deals on car accessories on websites like eBay and Amazon. You never know you might find some car seat covers at a bargain price which will completely change the look of your car interior.  Or if the upholstery is torn or stained, you can have part or all of the seats reupholstered at a reasonable cost.

Car stereo systems

Car stereos are popular aftermarket automotive accessoriesNowadays, there are hundreds of different car stereo systems with all the latest technology and gadgets. However, not surprisingly they also often come with a big price tag. Improving your car audio be done on a budget –for instance you can replace components one at a time, according to your budget. Over time you can eventually put together a completely custom sound system. It’s important to plan exactly what you want your sound system to include so that you can purchase individual items that will all work well together. A good place to start is by replacing the speakers – they can be relatively cheap and can significantly improve the sound in your car.

Satellite navigation systems

Satnav shopping guide 2014 (The Car Expert)While you might want a car which already has a navigation system installed, it is certainly not a necessity because there are plenty of portable GPS systems available at affordable prices. There are satnavs available that are easy to use and have voice options that entertain and inform. If your budget can’t stretch to purchase a car navigation system, then consider using your smart phone, as many have satnav apps available and the iPhone already comes with the app installed.  So all you will need to purchase is a smartphone holder to fix on your windscreen.

Accessories to keep the kids entertained

Stickers make great car accessoriesWhile accessorising your car so that it also appeals to your children might not seem too glamorous, it is a great way to make the car feel as though it is theirs too. For instance, car stickers are a fun and affordable way to help kids identify their car in a crowded car park. My Wallstickers offer stickers such as a minion from popular movie, Despicable Me, as well as entertaining slogans. You needn’t worry about damaging your car and being left with a sticky residue, because the car stickers can be removed with ease and there will be no evidence that the sticker was ever there.

Other fun accessories to keep the children entertained include car sun shades that you can position on the window next to their car seat. You could choose to have a design with their favourite Disney character, for example, keeping them nor only amused but also protecting them from the sun for much less money than having the windows tinted.

So rather than rushing into buying a new car, or investing in accessories that are out of your budget, have a look at some of the options listed above and you might be surprised at just how much these affordable options can completely change the look of your car, without breaking the bank.

This article was written by Chloe Hashemi on behalf of My Wallstickers, who offer car stickers as well as a wide variety of wall art stickers.


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    I’ll sure to be looking into the great stuff you suggested though… look fun!

  2. Having a customized ride can give you confidence in yourself and what you’re driving. You’ve got what they don’t, and you’re wise enough to know what’s cool and what needs to get dropped from the next Fast and The Furious.Time to stop being a customer and starting getting it custom. Another great post chole thumbs up. Especially for kids, there comes a time on every road trip, where we just need the car to settle down and chill for a little bit. This is especially challenging with toddlers who are not quite ready for a nap. I remember playing I Spy on long car trips along with the ever classic Slug Bug game. Those always bring back really great memories of past trips with family and friends. But gone are the days of slug bug or the license plate hunt!

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