Automotive history

For more than 130 years, the car has dominated almost every aspect of our lives. Automotive history has become global history. Whether it’s economics, culture, politics or even religion, cars and the automotive industry have driven our society. The automotive industry played a key role in shaping the 20th century, and will do so again in the 21st century. The Car Expert looks at some of the key moments, men (and women!), manufacturers and models from automotive history.

Best cars of the year – the highlights of 2012

Cars are getting better and better each year, even though the industry itself is struggling. It's easy to take this for granted, but even in such a competitive field, these cars and car makers have stood out from the pack...

Worst cars of the year? 2012’s least-inspiring efforts

Like the Razzies before the Oscars, it's time to look at the automotive lowlights of 2012 and hope that the car industry learns from these experiences to make a better motoring future for us all, before we move on later this week to celebrate the best that the year had to offer...

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