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Tyre markings explained

Tyre markings explained. Learn all there is to know about tyre markings like tread width and aspect ratio with our helpful tyre guide.

Car accessories: personalise your car on a budget

Having a flash car doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of ways to enhance the value of your car on a budget with some personalised accessories.

Scrapping your old car for charity with Giveacar

Giveacar turns old cars into donations for charity, whilst providing a simple and environmentally-beneficial service for the public (featured article).

Part exchange or sell, which should I choose?

Choosing how to sell your car can be a tough decision. But which road should you go down - do you part exchange or do you sell elsewhere? (sponsored post).

The best gadgets to buy a car lover

You know you spend too much time in your car when you dream of new car accessories. Here are some awesome gadgets that you will want.

Drivers’ biggest worry for 2014 is the cost of motoring

Nearly half of UK motorists say the cost of driving and maintaining their vehicle is their biggest worry for the coming year ahead. (This article is brought to you by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts).

Your car’s resale value and how it is affected

It’s easy enough to get a free car valuation online by simply inputting your vehicle details. But how do second-hand buyers actually determine your car's resale value?

Put the wrong fuel in your car? Three things to do before you panic

Putting the wrong fuel in your car is easy to do. Whether it's petrol in a diesel car or vice versa, follow this guide and don't panic.

How to transport your classic car internationally

With planning and the right international classic car transport, moving your car can be hassle free, cost effective and can save you time.

What’s the difference? Car warranty vs. car insurance

The differences between a car warranty and car insurance can often be unclear, but they are significantly products aimed at protecting you and/or your car in different ways. Lisa Peteres explains in our latest guest blog at

Add flair to your car with custom alloy wheels

Custom alloy wheels provide a quick and easy way to enhance your car's appearance. Guest blogger Jim Henson provides some tips on choosing a new set of rims.

Premium diesel and petrol – do they work?

Do premium diesel and premium unleaded petrol give you extra performance and economy, and are they worth the extra money? Stuart at investigates.

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