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When it comes to car maintenance there isn’t a “set in stone” rule when determining the frequency of a service. Subsequently it’s often down to what the manufacturer suggests for your particular model, any garage advice provided or simply your own preference. However for lease vehicles or cars manufactured for high performance, it could form part of the finance agreement or vehicle warranty.

Unlike the annual MOT test, a service doesn’t fall into the realms of legal requirement and as motoring costs increase on a whole, it consequently remains an element of vehicle maintenance that is neglected as part of cost cutting. But what is the fallout of avoiding a regular car service on both long term expenditure and your vehicle’s performance?

Fewer car services can actually cost more money

The irony with the common belief that costs can be saved through avoiding a car service is that most garages, dealerships and industry experts agree this short-termism dramatically increases overall expenditure rather than reducing it. The longer repairs are ignored, the more they will set you back when finally fixed as the parts continue to deteriorate. Perhaps most importantly, with a comprehensive service comes a complete oil change, reducing engine wear and keeping overall performance optimised. Through an engine flush, particles in the oil that deposit and build up over time are cleared, especially from narrow oil passages, preventing these blocking oil flow. As oil is the lubricant of your vehicle that keeps all the parts working in harmony, keeping it in tip top condition and ensuring an unconstrained flow to all destinations is paramount for the overall health of your vehicle.

Through checking and making sure your vehicle is running the way it was designed, overall efficiency is optimised. This increases the overall lifespan of your car and particular parts, including tyres (through a steering suspension check) and brakes (fluid check). Over-compensating when driving for other wear and tear issues is limited. Smooth running makes for improved fuel efficiency, meaning your car gets better fuel economy.

A full service history will maximise your resale value

Compiling a full and consistent service history shows the intention of the owner to prevent rather than repair. Giving the prospective new owner the chance to check what has been fitted to the car allows them to see the whole picture and cut through any initial mistrust. Due to this there is a proven trend that vehicles with a full service history have a greater resale value, which when combined with greater efficiency and less reactive repair costs, offsets the annual service expense and in effect pays for itself.

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  1. As a high mileage driver I need to get my car serviced regular. I enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the car is basically safe and sound. Helps avoid unscheduled time off the road as well.


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