Drivers’ biggest worry for 2014 is the cost of motoring

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BMW 3 Series Efficient Dynamics helps lower the cost of motoringNearly half of UK motorists say the cost of driving and maintaining their vehicle is their biggest worry for the coming year ahead.

According to the survey carried out by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, 48.5% of drivers in the UK think the cost of running their car is the biggest motoring concern for 2014. This percentage outweighs the number of motorists worried about the likes of road safety, the cost of parking and vehicle crime.

500 UK motorists were asked the question: “As a driver, what is your biggest concern for the coming year?” as part of the online survey.

Donna Kelly, Marketing & Website Editor at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, said: “In the current economic climate, it is no surprise that the cost of motoring figures so highly in motorists’ lists of concerns.

Fuel prices, taxation and the depreciation costs of owning a car take their toll on motorists’ pockets. This is why we think car leasing is becoming more and more of a viable option for motorists, as it takes many of the risks associated with owning a vehicle away from the motorist themselves.

“The cost of vehicle maintenance is also a huge issue, particularly with the winter months coming. That’s why Nationwide Vehicle Contracts have created an advice hub to help reduce these costs.

“What is surprising is that these worries far outstrip the other concerns for motorists, such as other motorists’ poor driving, road conditions and crime.”

More women than men concerned about other people’s driving

Audi A6 TDI engine gives a low cost of motoringNot only did the survey, conducted online using Google Consumer Surveys, reveal insight into motoring concerns generally, but it also highlighted some key differences between the way men and women think about motoring.

Nearly a quarter of female respondents were most worried about other people’s driving (24%), compared to only 15.6% of male drivers. Women are also more worried than men about road conditions, with 17.1% females citing it as their biggest concern, and only 12.5% of men.

Survey reveals regional differences in motoring concerns

As well as differences between men and women, the survey also revealed differences between different regions of the UK.

57% of Scots cited cost of motoring as their major concern, compared to 51% of those motorists in England. However, motorists in England were more concerned about vehicle crime (9.5%) than those in Scotland (18.4%).

Furthermore, Wales had the most motorists worried about other motorists’ driving, at 50%, compared to 18.4% in England.

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