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A deposit on a vehicle purchase from a car dealer is not normally refundable

Is my deposit refundable? #AskTCE

We get a lot of questions from car buyers who have given a car dealer a deposit for a car and now – for whatever reason – want it back. So let's #AskTCE
How to resolve a dispute with a car dealer

How to handle a dispute with a car dealer

I regularly get readers asking for help in resolving their dispute with a car dealer. So let's look at the steps you should take to get your problem sorted.
Stuart from The Car Expert will be hosting a live Twitter Q&A for NatWest

Buying a car? Join our live Twitter Q&A

Do you have questions about buying a car? Stuart from The Car Expert will be hosting a live Twitter Q&A for NatWest this Thursday evening.
What are the servicing requirements of a car with PCP car finance?

Do I have to service my car with the dealer if...

The popularity of PCP car finance has allowed car manufacturers to be sneaky when it comes to forcing you to service your car with their dealer network.
Identification documents - UK Driving Licence and Passport (The Car Expert)

What documents do I need for car finance? #AskTCE

When applying for finance for a new or used car, you will need to provide various information, documents and proofs of identification to the finance company so they can assess your application.
The Car Expert advises on how to get a better part-exchange price for your car #AskTCE

How can I get more money for my part-exchange?

Today's #AskTCE article will help you make sure you get the best price you possibly can when you sell your car, whether it's a part-exchange or a private sale. Tick all of these boxes and you will maximise your car's value.
If your Vauxhall Corsa looks like this then you won't get a good part-exchange price...

Part-exchange prices: Why is my car’s value so low? #AskTCE

One of car buyers' biggest complaints is that dealers offer them a pathetic amount of money to part-exchange their car. So why is this?
Road sign - drive on the left side of the road in the UK

Why do we drive on the side of the road we...

Why is it that some countries, like the UK, drive on the left side of the road and others, like America, drive on the right? This article looks into the history of this road traffic rule and explores where the modern conventions originally came from.
A deposit contribution is a disocunt offer linked to car finance - The Car Expert

What is a deposit contribution?

What is the difference between a £2,000 discount and a £2,000 deposit contribution on a new or used car? Well, maybe you should #AskTCE.
Car finance advice from The Car Expert

Why don’t I get a discount for cash?

It used to be that your best way to get a discount on a car was to roll up to the dealer with cash in hand, but not any more. What changed?
If you have bought a car and now changed your mind, can you get a refund?

I bought a car and have now changed my mind

Buyer’s Remorse is very common in the car industry. You have signed on the dotted line for a car and now you have changed your mind. What can you do about it? #AskTCE
How to settle your car finance (PCP) early

Car finance: How do I settle a PCP early?

It’s clear from the number of enquiries we get that car dealerships are rubbish at explaining how a PCP works. Today we are going to address one of the most common questions people ask about a PCP car finance agreement: What if I want or need to settle a PCP early?
Car finance and accommodation deals

Can I take out car finance for someone else?

"Can I take out car finance in my name if the car is for someone else?" This is a common question when people are applying for car finance, and causes considerable confusion. In short - NO! For a more detailed analysis, read on...
Who should you choose to service and repair your car? Ask The Car Expert!

Who can and should service my car? #AskTCE

Should a Ford dealer be expected to service or repair a Jaguar? The latest #AskTCE blog looks at the reasons why a dealer may have declined to do the work.
Used car pricing is not always as it seems (The Car Expert)

Used car pricing: Why are cars sometimes advertised at two...

It's not unusual for dealers to advertise the same used car at different prices on different websites, or to have a higher price on the car window and a lower price advertised on the web. The Car Expert advises buyers how to deal with this in this week's #AskTCE.
How accurate is a car speedometer compared to satnav?

How accurate is your car speedometer?

Have you noticed that your car speedometer sometimes reads faster than your satnav says? Find out why this happens in this week's #AskTCE
The Car Expert advises on the servicing requirements for your new car warranty

New Car Warranty – Do I have to have my car...

There is still considerable confusion among car owners about the servicing requirements for their cars and what is required for them to protect their new car warranty. It's this week's question on #AskTCE at TheCarExpert.co.uk
UK number plate system

How does the UK number plate system work?

Many people find the GB number plate system bewildering. In this week's #AskTCE article, Stuart explains how it all works and what all the letters and numbers actually mean.
Premium unleaded petrol (gasoline) and premium diesel – are they worth it?

Premium diesel and petrol – do they work?

Do premium diesel and premium unleaded petrol give you extra performance and economy, and are they worth the extra money? Stuart at TheCarExpert.co.uk investigates.
Can you give a car dealer cash?

Can you give a car dealer cash? #AskTCE

What is the best way to pay cash for your car when buying from a car dealer? Stuart at TheCarExpert.co.uk answers your car buying questions
Do big alloy wheels crack more easily?

Do big alloy wheels crack more easily? #AskTCE

Do big alloy wheels crack on potholes or kerbs more easily than small wheels? It's a good question, so let's ask The Car Expert #AskTCE
#AskTCE - stuart at The Car Expert

New website feature – #AskTCE

TheCarExpert.co.uk has a brand new section of the site called #AskTCE, for you to request a topic to be covered in a forthcoming blog. Ask The Car Expert your questions today.
Are diesel cars suitable for city driving? The Car Expert #AskTCE

Are diesel cars suitable for city driving?

One of the most frequent questions submitted to TheCarExpert.co.uk is "Are diesel cars suitable for city driving?" Well, find out here...