Petrol stations to adopt Uber-style surge pricing?

UK petrol retailers look to introduce Uber-style surge pricing
UK petrol stations will introduce demand-based surge pricing within months, similar to the model used by taxi company Uber, according to media reports.

Volumes down but values up for car finance borrowing

Car finance borrowing results for April 2017
Latest car finance results show that buyers continue to borrow more money on their cars, although the number of loan agreements fell in line with car sales.

Nissan Qashqai – Ten years on

Nissan Qashqai - 2008 vs 2017 | The Car Expert
A decade after the Nissan Qashqai went on sale, not even the most optimistic prophet could have expected the dramatic way this car changed the market.

Why the Bank of England is looking into the car finance market

The Bank of England has opened an investigation into the car finance sector
Why has the Bank of England recently decided to open an investigation into the UK car finance market, and what is it looking for?

Top ten blink-&-you-miss-them cars

Dodge Avenger launch 2007
Developing a new car is a very expensive business, so you would think manufacturers would do all they could to make sure they get it right. Sadly not...

Jaguar Land Rover Engine Manufacturing Centre

Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium petrol engine production
The UK's newest engine factory is the Jaguar Land Rover Engine Manufacturing Centre, a £1 billion facility that builds JLR's latest Ingenium engines.

PCP car finance debate highlights widespread media confusion

With all the noise about PCP car finance in the media, it's amazing to see how many major media institutions fundamentally misunderstand how a PCP works.

Is the sky really about to fall in for PCP car finance?

PCP car finance in crisis? (The Car Expert)
The media is reporting that tougher rules on selling PCP car finance could be disastrous for the car industry, but what would it mean for car buyers?

The Car Expert wins at UK Blog Awards

UK Blog Awards 2017 - The Car Expert wins!
The Car Expert has been awarded Best Automotive Blog (company division) at the UK’s largest awards event for independently-produced digital content, the UK Blog Awards.

How to tackle major fleet management concerns

Tackling fleet management concerns
One of the key attributes of a good fleet manager is organisation. Even with reliable fleet management, there are many challenges and concerns that arise.