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Alpine has released the first images of its new two-seater sports car the Alpine A110.

Renault‘s sports car brand Alpine has released the first images of its new two-seater sports car, the Alpine A110.

The return of the Alpine sports car brand was announced by Renault in 2016 and the A110 concept car debuted shortly afterwards at the Geneva Motor Show.

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The new two-seater is named after the original A110 which was produced by Alpine from 1961-1977. Like its predecessor, the new A110 is compact, lightweight and agile, due to an aluminium platform and upper body.

Alpine only intends to produce 1,955 examples of the A110, recalling the year in which Jean Rédélé originally founded the company.

All 1,955 examples of the A110 have now been allocated. Customers were able to reserve an A110 via an app from the Alpine website and by making an initial deposit. They were then able to choose their preferred numbered model from 1 to 1,955, depending on availability. Customers were also able to specify the colour of their A110 with a choice from Bleu Alpine, Noir Profond or Blanc Solaire.

The "Berlinette" is the Alpine A110's predecessor.

The original A110 coupe was produced by Alpine from 1961-1977.

UK pricing specification is yet to be announced but the new Alpine A110 is expected to cost in excess of £50,000 when it arrives in late 2017.

Though few technical details are currently available, the Alpine A110 will be capable of achieving 0-62mph in a time of 4.5 seconds. The A110’s key specifications are due to be announced during Alpine’s press conference at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.

Alpine has opened reservations for its as yet unannounced next model, which has a delivery date starting from 2018.

The new Alpine A110 is available in Blue, Black and White.

An aluminium platform and upper body is expected to make the new Alpine A110 compact, lightweight and agile, much like its famous predecessor.

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