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    Hi there, I purchased a used BMW 5 series for £6,000 on March 29th of this year…. 1 month after having the car there was a bad noise from the exhaust… my local garage advised me the timing chain would also need to be replaced.

    Having contacted the car dealership I bought from about this, he arranged for the car to be picked up and he had the exhaust and chain replaced … I received the car back 20 days later, I was not offered a rental car or compensated in anyway, also I was not provided with any proof of the work that was said to have been done.

    All things seemed well until the 19th of October when the car broke down again. After calling the dealer he asked if I could have it diagnosed at the same BMW independent garage as I used last time who diagnosed the timing chain problem. They diagnosed that the high-pressure fuel pump is faulty and metal shavings in the fuel tank/lines etc … they were looking at around 4000 to do the work.
    The dealer I bought the car from seemed to think this was a little over the top so again he had the car collected and will arrange for the repair himself.
    My concern is he just replaces the fuel pump which will leave the metal shavings in the fuel system and the car won’t be good in the long term… where do I stand with the 6 month right to reject the car …. the 6 months would have been up on September 29th but am I correct in saying that the 20 days the car was off the road while the chain and exhaust were being repaired comes off the 6 months?

    Ideally, I would like the car repaired properly but I feel it would not be properly due the cost of the work involved …. the car dealer has the car at the moment awaiting his own mechanic’s verdict on what needs to be done…. could anyone advise the best course of action ….. many thanks

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Paul. You are correct that the 20 days that the dealer had the car would be added to your initial six months, but you are still well beyond that.

    That doesn’t mean that you can’t reject the car now, but it does mean that the law shifts from being in your favour to being in the dealer’s favour.

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    My 6 months would have been on the 29th of September …. I notified the dealer on the 19th of October when It broke down with the latest problem …. so if I subtract the 20 days they had the car back in may … That takes it to right exactly 6 months does it not ?

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    You have six months to formally reject the vehicle, regardless of when the problem occurred. Otherwise you could potentially keep the vehicle for another year and then try to reject it because there was a problem reported in the first six months.

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