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    My contract is due to end this year and I am wanting to purchase the vehicle with the final payment of £4000, but I have have been experiencing issues with this motor, mold growing on the interior of the vehicle due to water leaks from the back windows this has been in for inspection and advised this was fixed, yet less then 6 months later this has occurred again and the back windows still leaking water in. I’m now unsure of purchasing the car! Am in the the right to request a different vehicle for the same value of money? What rights do I have before I arrange an appointment with the dealership regarding this please help

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Sarah. No, you don’t have any rights regarding the substitution of a similar vehicle. Your finance contract is an agreement for the funding of your current vehicle. You can either pay the £4,000 and keep it, or give it back instead and use your £4,000 to buy another car.

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    Thanks Stuart, but surly if this problem has occurred again I must have some form of consumer rights? This vehicle is not fit for purpose and can cause health problems. What rights do I stand with this?

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      You can bring legal action against the dealer or manufacturer if you wish, but I would imagine that your claim would be likely to be unsuccessful given that you have been driving the car for probably at least two years.

      You would also have to prove that the problem is caused by an inherent fault in the vehicle rather than anything you have done to cause it. When you have had the car for more than a few months, this is difficult to prove.

      If you were to be successful in your action, you would almost certainly be offered some kind of financial settlement rather than another vehicle.

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    Hi Stuart, I purchased a 3 year old used car from an official dealer, I’m taking the car into the workshop on Monday 27th June, with two faults to be looked at. One which was present at purchase, which is a dip in power for a second when pulling away. There is intial Power then a dip & finally the power returns, making pulling out into traffic quite frightening. I’ve been searching the forums & it ‘could possibly’ be a known clutch problem to this specific model, which the manufacturer are aware of. I’ve taken it in for a road test already but the service manager said it was a characteristic of the car but after phoning two other dealers and talking to owners on forums this is not the case.

    The car is within the 30 day period, do you think I have a chance of a refund? How should I approach it?

    Thank you in advance

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Mark. The car losing power on acceleration should be considered a significant fault, so I would have thought that you should successfully be able to reject the vehicle.

      You need to write to the dealership and formally reject the vehicle, citing the problem and claiming a full refund.

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