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    Hi Stuart,

    Hope you can help.

    I went to a car dealership on Saturday to look at a car I favored paying cash the car price being £26,000 +£196 admin fee but the sales advisor agreed that I could put down £20k and do £6,196.00 on finance and i will get 36 month warranty and paint protection chucked in for free which I agreed.

    We went through some paperwork and my finance was agreed. When I got home I checked the paperwork properly as in the dealership I felt I was being rushed and said on numerous occasions can I come back later to go through this properly but was told it wouldn’t take long and to do it there. When I checked this paperwork i noticed that the finance had £6,196.00 and also they had added £1,999.00 for warranty and £699.00 for the paint being my finance agreement to £8,894.00 instead on the £6,196.00 agreed.

    I called the dealership back straight away and said I am not happy and I do not want to go ahead they told me the money has been paid and I need to deal with Blackhorse. Being a Sunday bank holiday I was confused how they had received the money so quickly as I thought CHAPS and BACS transfers can only happy on a working day.

    Blackhorse had been closed until yesterday Tuesday 29th and I called them straight away saying I didn’t want to go ahead and filed a complaint. They said I need to stick with it and the only way I can get out is if the dealership pay them back the money.

    I then spoke to the dealership and spoke to a manager who said it shouldnt be a problem and they will refund the money. I have since called Blackhorse and the dealership to see if this has been done and I have now been told it has been escalated to a sales manager at the dealership who will be in contact with me.

    Now I am just wondering do i have any laws that protect me for being mis sold or do I literally have to hope the dealership pay the money back and the loan is closed?

    I have not taken delivery of the car and refuse to.

    any help would be appreciated.


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    reading through other topics am I able to reject the car I didn’t have a test drive in the actual car only a similar model they had.

    I guess I have rejected the car by not taking delivery in theory?

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    Sorry Stuart another update.

    The dealership have confirmed return of funds back to Blackhorse which I now have in writing.

    I put down a £500 deposit which I proposed for £250 back and we meet in the middle, they have now said they are keeping the £500 do you think it is worth going perusing the £250?

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Shane. I suspect that the dealer was lying about having received the money, as they would not have received it on the weekend.

      On the flip side, you signed a contract and didn’t take the time to read it. So losing £250 is probably a lucky escape.

      You can keep chasing the dealer if you want, and they will probably eventually give up and concede the remaining £250 just to make you go away, since they clearly are not going to sell you a car anyway. But it might take a fair bit more chasing to get there.

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