bought a car but only got a reciept for proof not signed any other document but

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    Hi I went to buy a van on Friday which I seen on eBay it was advertised as having sailed through the mot but when I went and viewed the van I paid in full but only got a receipt and did not sign anything else but the receipt but when paid for the van I was expecting to fill in the rest of the forms and drive away with it but then he told me it didn’t yet have the mot as it had not passed and still needed fixing which had a lot of faults on it and told me to call back on Monday and we would do the rest of the forms but by this time he had my money already and would not give me it back as i had signed a reciept saying i had paid for it but now I do not want the van as I have heard that this man is known for ripping people of and selling dodgy vehicles I have asked for a refund but he refused can I legally get my money back . thanks for the help

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Louie, you keep changing your story. You emailed me to say that you had changed your mind on the van because the insurance was too high. Your last forum post said that there was a whistle which you thought was a turbo problem. Now you are saying that there was false advertising and that you “have heard” that the dealer is “known for ripping people of (sic) and selling dodgy vehicles”. Which is the correct story?

    The real question here is: Why did you give him your money? You were supposedly promised a car that had passed an MOT, but hadn’t – that’s a big red flag right there. You hadn’t got an insurance quote before buying a car, and you haven’t signed a contract to actually buy the vehicle. There is no way you should have been paying anybody anything under these circumstances – not even a deposit, let alone the entire price of the vehicle.

    Unless you can show that the car was falsely advertised or that you have been misled/lied to, you’re not going to get your money back. He might be the dodgiest bloke in the world, but it sounds like you didn’t really think things through before buying the car.

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      That is the correct story and I do have proof that he said the van had mot I just said the other thing as I did not know how to explain my situation. And I give him my money thinking I was going to be able to drive away as the advertisment also said ready for work. Cheers

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    OP you are a muppet and now your looking for excuses so you can weasel out of your purchase. Sorry but now your stuck with it and you deserve any problems you get.

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