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    Hi please please can someone give me advice, I have leased a brand new evoque we got a delivery date but the morning of it being delivered we were told that a stone had hit the windscreen and needed to be taken back to the dealer to be fixed. I thought they were something wrong as it took them 5 hours to tell me if it was a chip or new screen. I finally was told by the lease company that it needed we screen. It took 2 weeks to be fixed which I didn’t believe this would take that long. After lots of chasing they then told me that the new windscreen wasn’t heating up so needed a part. I know have found out by my car insurance they have been chasing me for an accident that happened on the day it was meant to be delivered. I have now worked out it was in a crash and they have lied to me took it back to the dealership got it fixed and have now delivered it to me without telling me any of this! I’m so cross where do I stand???

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Sam. Technically a dealer does not have to tell you about minor damage to a new car (it’s relatively common during transit or when they’re in storage). However, if the dealer or leasing company has lied to you about what happened, then they have a case to answer.

    It can get difficult to argue the details, because it depends on exactly what you were told and by whom. If you specifically asked if the car had been in an accident and they said no, it’s pretty clear (although verbal assurances are almost worthless). However, if there is any wiggle room where they didn’t lie to you because you didn’t ask the right question, it’s very grey.

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