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    Alan Osborne

    12 days ago I signed a Vehicle order form for a new car. The nearest model they had to the one I wanted had metallic paint and a navigation system (total cost £895), both of which I didn’t want. When I said I didn’t want them, I was offered them both for £495 (verbally) and accepted. A few days later when I took the time to study the order form in detail, I realised that the discount had not been credited. I have raised this with the garage by phone and been asked to go in and discuss it. If they now refuse to give this discount can I cancel and can I get my £300 deposit back?

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Alan. Legally you don’t really have any grounds to object. Regardless of what was verbally agreed, you signed a contract at that price and the dealership can hold you to it.

    In practice, you can kick off to the dealership and they will re-write the order form to what was agreed, unless they are going to dispute your version of what was actually agreed.

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    caroline monk

    Hi I ordered a Renault Kadjar at the end of June. It was meant to be built in July and arrive by the 1st September. I then received an email from the dealer to say it will be built in late August and be with me mid September. Today they contacted me to say it will be built the 9th September and arrive late sept- early october and this still might change as in france Renault close for a period of time. I am paying for the car outright and have made a 500 deposit. As my order has been changed 3 times am I in my right to cancel this if they change my date anymore. My paperwork says the 1st September.

    Many thanks.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson
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    I have ordered a new Range Rover and signed a veichle order form, my circumstances have changed due to being relocated in Dubai.
    I no longer have the need for the car as I will be moving out the country.
    I have paid £1000 deposit but not signed the finace agreement.
    Any advice on what I need to do.
    I don’t need or want the car anymore, what shall I do

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    Robert Bennett

    I signed a new car order form at home as it was sent via e-mail and returned this on line by e-mail to dealer. I did initially visit the dealership to discuss the possibility of a purchase, but all subsequent discussion has been via e-mail and over the phone . I was not sent or shown their terms and conditions. A few weeks later I wanted to add an optional extra on the car, but was told it was too late as the order was with the factory. However, as a gesture of goodwill the dealer agreed to me relinquishing this order, which they would have for stock and they would be prepared to order another car for me. They have never issued a subsequent order form for this new car and none has been signed therefore. I now want to cancel the order as I have been told it will take nearer to 6 months to be delivered rather than the 3 months I was told. I have already waited over 3 months since the new order was given to the manufacturers and the car is still awaiting a build date.They have also said that they are awaiting details of a specification change, but not able to provide any info about this at all. I only paid a small deposit, so my main concern is not losing this, though of course it would be good to get it back, but avoiding any additional costs claimed by the dealers. Can you please advise me as to my position. Many thanks.

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Robert. You may not get your deposit back, but in practical terms there’s not a lot the dealer can do to claim additional costs from you if they don’t have a contract.

      They could potentially argue that they still have a valid contract, unless you have written confirmation that the original contract was cancelled. In any case, other than jump up and down and threaten and plead and beg, there’s not a lot they can do to force you to take the car. If it was a bespoke order with a large number or specific options that they would never normally order (custom orange pain finish with pink wheels and purple interior), they might get more serious, but then they should have taken a larger deposit.

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