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    Charles Fogg

    have a question for you concerning the sale of my car through a car dealer. To cut a long story short, a car dealer stated that he had a local man who wanted to buy my car, a person I knew, and asked if I would accept £54,000 for my car as that was the most his client could pay. I agreed on the basis that I know the person who wanted to buy my car, however, it transpires that this sale was fabricated as the person the car dealer said that was going to but my car was not the buyer. The dealer sold the car, on the same day, to another buyer from another part of the country for £59,000! I am not sure if this is illegal but it is certainly dishonest, your thoughts would be appreciated

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Charles. Ultimately, all you can control is who you sell the car to and for how much money. What they do with it once you hand over the keys and papers is entirely up to them.

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