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    My husband has just purchased a car through finance, though not from the garage in question, we travelled a long way to get it. A fault has appeared after driving 80 miles, took it to the garage and gonna cost 2000 to repair, our garage saying looks like someone has tried to fix fault and given up and part exed it. Garage we bought from are not answering emails! does anyone know what we can do? Only had 3 days! thank you

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Cathy. Depending on the type of finance you have used, you may need to work with the finance company on this. If it is a secured finance agreement (PCP, HP lease, etc.) then the car belongs to the finance company and not to you, so they have to have a say on the rejection.

    And if you can’t get hold of the dealer, the finance company may be able to reach them – the dealer wouldn’t dare ignore their calls…

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    jackie Hurry


    My son,23, has got a focus ST through PCP and after a couple of months it was overheating with a warning light saying to stop now. After a few visits to the sales garage they gave him a courtesy car for over one month. Anyway to cut a long story short, my son did not have his car for approx 6 weeks and instead drove a Fiesta courtesy car. Is there any way he is entitled to claim back some of the payments he has been paying for his Focus ST and if s , who from? Many thanks


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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Jackie. There is no provision for him to reclaim any of his monthly payments while his car has been in the garage. He can ask the dealer for some form of compensation, but they are not obliged to provide it.

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    Bought a 2nd hand car from Arnold Clark on 20th feb 2017 and i had Problems with it,Went into another Arnold Clark to be looked at and it had more problems that 1st thought .Bad oil leak which requires urgent attention ,checked and confirmed headlight on n/s/f incorrectly due to bumper out of alignment requires body shop attention ,found back plates rubbing off the disc.These things were all missed on the mot which was done on 20th fed 2017 no advisories ,I have told them i’m rejecting car but they are trying to bully me to get it sorted and take back car ( Am i within my rights to reject?),Really disheartened with it all as this is 2nd car from Arnold Clark in 9 months that has had problems,last car only went away on the 17th of feb 2017 after 8 months finance company took it back after all the problems ,Was costing to much repairing.

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Sharon. Your right to reject will depend on the nature of the faults, and given that it was a used car there is also an allowance for age and mileage.

      The headlight alignment should be a quick and easy fix, so that is unlikely to qualify as a reason to reject the car. The oil leak is more likely, but it will depend on the cause of the leak and whether it can easily be fixed (eg – if it’s something not properly tightened, that’s easy. If it’s a crack in the engine block, that’s a different story altogether.).

      Dealers will often bully to try and deter customers from standing up for their rights; don’t be put off. Arnold Clark dealers have a very poor customer service reputation for a reason…

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    When i say the headlights is out of alignment one headlight is popping out i can get my hand under the other is jammed into front grill

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