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    MR C R Llewellyn

    Car trouble started about a month ago now. The car started my random misfire of the third cylinder and then after turning it off and then on again the car was no longer misfiring, but it had a lack of power and was really quiet. The exhaust smelt of unburnt fuel. I changed the coil pack and this didn’t change anything. I then changed the spark plugs and this stopped the misfiring, but it was still slow on acceleration, so now knowing that I had a spark and too much fuel, so the only thing left was air(also all four spark plugs were dry carbon fouled). I then switched my MAF sensor with a friends and the car then got louder again and got it’s power back. So I bought a new MAF sensor and it has been running for a week now without any problems, up until today where it has gone back to what it was before I changed the MAf. Could it be that the air intake isn’t filtering properly and the MAF is getting dirty, or could it be that the spark plugs got carbon fouled in the time between them being fitted and me changing the MAF?

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