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    Hi there, I was interested in a car which I liked but wasn’t totally sure and wanted to shop around. The dealer said they would like to take my details so if I came back then the process would be quicker. Ok I have my bank and card details but this wasn’t me saying take money, this was them saying to me ‘its ok we won’t take anything we will just take it now and it’s quicker when you agree to finance and the deal. At this point I haven’t signed anything or even seen a piece of paper with the deatils of the deal. Anyway after having a look around we decided we would go ahead and asked them to do the finance check etc thinking we would then come in, pay the deposit and then take the car. But this wasn’t the case. They took the deposit when doing the finance check, which wasn’t explained clearly or presented in Writing. I’ve since changed my mind and I don’t want to go through with the deal and I would like the deposit back. So what I’m asking is, can they keep the money even though. O contact was agreed, nothing was signed and I didn’t say please take the deposit from my bank. I assume it will come down to my word against theirs but what is that worth if there is no signed agreements. All I agreed to was that they could do a credit check. Thanks


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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Aaron. Never give a car dealer your card details unless you want them to take money off it.

    Now you have a situation where you have clearly given them your details and are saying that you didn’t mean to do that. They can obviously argue that you knew exactly what you were doing, and there is no proof of anything.

    Have you actually asked the dealership for a refund of the deposit? They may agree it was a misunderstanding and refund the money immediately. Or you may have to fight them long and hard to get it back. You won’t know until you speak to them.

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    I paid a small deposit of £200 and agreed to purchase a Vw Tiguan on the basis that there one was coming in within 3 weeks. The dealership called me within 24 hours to confirm that the finance was approved however there was no longer a car available and I now have to make a factory order. So they took a deposit and applied for finance for a non existant car? Is this legal? Thanks

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      Stuart Masson
      Stuart Masson

      Hi Mon. For a proper finance application with Volkswagen Finance (which is the finance company used by almost every VW dealer on a new car), a Volkswagen dealership would generally have to provide the following to the finance company:
      – Your current home address and last three of history if you’ve moved in that time
      – Your current employment address, job title and last three years of history
      – Your current salary
      – Your bank details
      – a specific quote on a specific vehicle (including deposit, term, monthly payments, etc. as well as the vehicle specification)

      If you haven’t given the dealer this information, then they probably haven’t made a formal finance application and they’re lying.

      If you did give them all these details, plus a deposit as a commitment to buy a car, what did you think they were going to do with that information.

      If your concern is that the finance application was done on a non-existent car, then that ends up happening a lot – not by intention, but because there always thousands of people in VW dealerships up and down the country every day signing contracts and submitting finance applications. Often, two people will be trying to buy the same vehicle at the same time, and the dealer will only find out afterwards that someone else has gone and bought the same car 30 seconds earlier.

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