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    Stacy Lane

    Hi! Please help me! I’m trying to understand my rights and options. I recently purchased a new car from Nissan (Pathfinder – Brand new 2017). The same day I got it, I started noticing several issues.

    The climate control system does not work – the rear controls won’t function, and changing the temp changes the fan speed. Then the back up camera started to come on while I was in Drive and stayed stuck on. I had to stop the car and re-start it (this happened about 4 times now).

    The Bluetooth does not work properly – doesn’t always mute the music while making calls and won’t let me access the phonebook, the key won’t always lock the doors with the alarm “beep” or lights flash, the radio randomly clears out my preset stations, and the display screen for the vehicle will randomly stay stuck on a screen and nothing will fix it, the car also loses power while driving (especially when I turn on the AC). I’ve test driven several other ones (same make, year and model) and this car sounds much louder and runs much more rough than any of the others.

    I immediately let the Nissan salesperson know, via email, text and calls – took video and photo evidence to document and told him from day one that I would like a replacement. He asked me to bring the car back to have them look at it, so I did – he confirmed that there seemed to be something wrong with the climate and had a service tech quickly look at it and the service tech said something was wrong that he had never seen before but that I would have to bring it back to have them really look at it. So I left with the car and an appointment.

    After that, the back up camera acted up again and I decided that I really don’t even feel safe driving this car. I sent an email stating all the defects, with evidence attached. The salesperson took his time getting back to me – he won’t leave a voicemail or put anything in writing (which makes me a bit suspicious) but told me that they would give me a loaner and that the service department has to verify a defect. Is this correct?

    I’m a single mom who adopted her nephews and niece, on a budget and this car is only 2 weeks old – I don’t feel safe driving the car – especially with younger kids. What should I do? Bring the car back or get something in writing first? I don’t want to get stuck with a dud, but the radio, Bluetooth and alarm issues only happen randomly (but I have evidence!) The climate control system happens all the time, as well as the drive losing power.

    Please- any advice at ALL would be so very appreciated!! What should I do? Do I have a real case to reject? I feel I should since these issues were immediate and there are so many of them on a ‘brand new” car. Please help!

    (oh – they also gave me a ‘great” deal on this car, which makes me wonder if they knew something was wrong…)

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Stacy. You appear to be in the USA, and this is a UK site so our advice will not apply (I have no idea which federal or state laws apply to your situation).

    In general, if you want to reject the vehicle and are looking for a refund or replacement, you should do so in writing and you should immediately stop driving the car as soon as you formally write to reject it. This might be difficult or inconvenient, but continuing to drive the car after you have said that you feel it is “unsafe” will greatly weaken your chances of successfully rejecting the vehicle.

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