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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Would you like to write a guest blog about some aspect of the car industry for  Are you a local business looking to promote your wares on an independent and impartial automotive website?  Well, here’s your big chance! delivers high-quality car buying advice and impartial information about various aspects of the automotive industry, and we are now looking for both guest bloggers and advertisers to submit their applications to be part of our site.

    For more information on guest blogging, please click here.

    For more information about advertising on, please click here.

    If you have any questions, simply drop us an e-mail at [email protected], or ask below!


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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    I’m still looking for guest bloggers for the site. I get plenty of submissions from people trying to plug their sites (or their clients’ sites), but as you would notice if you are regular visitor, not many articles make it to publication.

    Given the level of expertise and eloquence from our regular forum members, there must be some useful advice or opinion pieces just waiting to be written!

    You can supply your own images or I can source them, and I am happy to help with proofreading and editing if you would like. If you want to share your thoughts, or rant about something in some depth, start writing and submit it to me at [email protected].



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    The Colonel
    The Colonel

    I have a problem Stuart. When I try to write in earnest, it comes across more like a complaint letter to a local councillor or just like a piss take which, believe it or not, is completely different to my default style of taking the piss.

    With that in mind, and with apologies to Alan Partridge, can I offer up “A Stroll With The Colonel”. I reckon I spend more time of the day pounding the streets on foot than most do driving, on average 90 minutes, so I see a lot of motoring related things that make me go “ummm”, or “ahhh”, or “urrrgghhh”, or, you get the drift, without actually being in a car myself. I think I can put something together, once per week or so. With pictures. A bit Londoncentric though.

    Just to complete this interview, and pre-empt your questions, my hobbies are cycling, sailing, dogging, and needlecrafts, and in five years time I see myself as a little wiser, no more greyer, and having circumnavigated the world. In a yacht, not on foot.

    "Who do you think is the most capable?"

    "Capable of what?"

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Sounds absolutely brilliant, Sir. Weekly sounds a but energetic – you do realise that you don’t get paid for the articles, don’t you? :wink:

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    I’d quite like to hear some anecdotes from the forum’s resident policeman officer. RichUK must have some excellent stories to tell.

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    Angus Young
    Angus Young

    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>andrewtaylor wrote:</div>I’d quite like to hear some anecdotes from the forum’s resident policeman officer. RichUK must have some excellent stories to tell.

    Excellent idea. Occasional stories from the front line.

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    Aha! Interesting stories are not the issue; writing a story and making it interesting is!

    I’ve given myself a break from cars recently, just to remind myself there are others in life. I then realised life isn’t quite as interesting without cars :)

    If you guys want an alternative to the usual sources of car related reviews, have a gander at Jay Leno’s garage on YouTube. The Aston Martin V12 looks stunning on it, sigh…

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    Ady J
    Ady J

    I would have a go if you like, though I think the subject wouldn’t be popular! I always frequent Chinese motoring websites, and I like to think that I know a bit about the cars over there, particulary MG! Though as I said, I can’t see it being popular!

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Sorry, folks, this thread has been getting a bit spammy. Apologies to anyone who has been getting notifications, then rushing over here expecting some pithy phrasework from the forum and being sorely disappointed.

    Spammers are the bane of my life at the moment. Bastards.

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    `Remember the days of old, when driving really was a nightmare. The days when cars were only owned by the rich and powerful people, and travelled at snails pace with some bloke walking in front of a vehicle with a red flag, which was really saying, beware here comes some rich nutter with more money than sense.
    Those days alas have all but gone or have they.
    today we don’t have to have red flags we have speed cameras, hiding in bushes, covered by foilage so the motorist can’t see them, and when you argue about it out comes the usual guff all in the interests of road safety.
    You see even back in the days of old with the red flag, Health and safety was rearing it’s ugly head. Stifling progress, because if people did not take risks then progress would not have been achieved, to make way for our now super intelligent motor self drive cars.
    Back to the new red flags, the speed cameras, technology is advancing so rapidly that by now almost every motorist is a speed criminal. Gone are the days when a police officer in a vehicle could use something called discretion, he had to follow you for approx two tenths of a mile before he could form his opinion that you were speeding, then stop you, give you a piece of his mind and send you on your merry way, sometimes with a ticket, sometimes not.
    Now it appears you do not get the advantage of time over distance, which is really the only way you can record true speed. We have the marvellous LTI 20-20 speed camera, imoprted from America, by a company who’s MD is a certain Mr Garrett, who incidentally is the expert that the police and CPS call on to give evidence aginst anyone who dares to question the capability of the camera or it’s operator. Good init, an expert who is supposed to be impartial giving evidence for the claimant, who also happens to be an ex copper, good for business init.
    But I digress, How does an LTI 20-20 camera record your speed. It does it in 1/3rd of a second via a laser type beam which can read speeds upto and over 1 kilometer away. They are mostly deployed within 500 meters. so instead of two tenths of a mile you now have probably 10 meters before the camera records your speed, so by the time you see it, it has already pinged you, and then there is no going back. This of course is all recorded on to a dvd, which is covered by online connections either over the internet or to an onboard computer. which is then disected by some spotty clerk in an operations room, who dishes out NIPs all day at an alarming rate.
    When the mobile cameras first came on our roads they were covered by the ACPO guidelines, and the chief constables around the various forces insist they still are, but I wonder are they. We have seen them in all guises horse box trailers, recently in tractors, they have even used old rusty ex builders vans, so is it really about road safety. the answer is NO!. Today it is mainly about revenue collecting.
    all cameras, static and mobile do have guidelines they supposed to follow, it is stated in the Transport for Roads Regulations. I refer to the signage. All cameras are or were supposed to give motorists advanced warning of the presence of speed cameras, static or mobile, and sites were monitored and in accordance with the guidelines were set up. Now the sites and this includes mobile units, where designated were supposed to be signed within 183 meters of the equipment being used and motorist should have been able to observe the warning sign and the equipment being used within the scope of his/her windscreen, and should not be impeded by any overgrown foilage. That has all but now gone out of the window, because now the police and councils got together and started to form opinions on where to best set up mobile sites, so now mobile units do not sit in purpose built areas, they hide wherever they like, because the so called guidelines as the chief constables have stated they are merely guidelines and are not actually law, or legal legislation.
    But when speed limits were introduced many,many years ago, they were merely guidelines, and the motorist were able to use discretion on what safe speeds they travelled at. then a long time ago they were made law, and the police and the courts were making a lot of revenue from mistakes made by drivers, but the tolerance was usually fair. Today it is not, you have 1/3rd of a second.
    I will leave you on this note: If you should ask a camera unit for the minimum of two photo’s in order to identify the driver of an offending vehicle, at their discretion by the way, you will note that you will have on the first one the offending speed which you were pinged at ( IE: 1/3rd of a second ), on the second there is no recorded speed, only time. so you are being fined for 1/3rd of a second.
    Is that fair as far as road safety goes, No it’s all about revenue collections.
    I will leave you to ponder over this, and have your little discussions on it, I’m sure this site is monitored by some of the boys in blue, so I’m sure they will respond in like.
    Cheers monty.

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    Hi everybody, It’s that Monty again giving out his waffle.

    Just an update: Do many of you out there have dashcams, I only ask because the main reason people do use them is that they can record any misdemeanor by an offending opposite motorist or cyclist that happens to damage your vehicle in passing too closely. good for that are’nt they. But what happens when you have or create a little misdemeanour and the police pull you over for it, or they stop you for no apparent reason, because they do, and they can do. where will your dashcam help you then. Can you use in your defence to an alleged charge of say, ( careless driving, driving without due care and attention, dangerous driving ), no you cannot, because it is not acceptable / inadmissible as evidence. But the police can and will sieze it, then they take it back to base and go through it with a fine toothed comb looking for any minor infringement of the law. Then surprise , surprise, you get a summons drop on your mat,for what ever little misdemeanour that you may have done.
    They then will use that as evidence against you because they can, they are the law after all. It can and will be used in evidence to corroborate the charge against you. So by using a dashcam you are unintentionally incriminating yourself of any little slip ups you may do when driving. So beware of dashcams. Still want to use one. The same applies to these data black boxes that insurers are offering to have installed in your vehicles in order to reduce your premiums. Don’t take them up on it because they record everything you do, They track your journey, great but they also track your speed and location, so if you are ding 40 in a 30, bang an excuse to raise your premium. Also the police will be notified and you can expect a visit from the local constabulary to examine or confiscate your little black box, and when checked expect a notice of intended prosecution to drop on your doormat.

    Still want a dashcam or a little black box tracker, seriously think about it, because in the long term they save you zilch.

    Happy motoring , Monty.

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    Just a little update on the dashcam and black box topic.

    On one of the forums a lot of drivers view, there was an article about a young motorcyclist, who was pulled over for allegedly running a red light. When stopped by the police officer, he insisted that he did not run the red light but it was on amber.
    Basically shot himself in the foot because what does amber mean?. Correct same as Red. it means stop. Just be careful what you say in front of an officer because he may be wearing a body cam and it records all conversations and actions of any intended victims of plod.
    Any way the silly little sod said I have it on my cam that the lights were on amber and it was unsafe for me to stop.
    Immediately the officer confiscated his camera and warned him, gave him a verbal NIP as such and said this is evidence and may be used against you in a court of law.
    After almost a year now with much wrangling and to and froing from the station and lots of correspondence between them he is now charged with Dangerous Driving, so he has asked for his camera to be returned. Again after much corresponding and arguing about it he has got his camera back minus the SD card to which he has been informed they cannot return it because it is crown evidence and will be used against him in court. Now this is not about the traffic light incident, Yes he is also being charged with that, but in addition he is also being charged with the dangerous driving, a separate incident which was recorded on his camera. So it appears now that they have scanned all the data on his camera and found an occasion where he was showing off a little, and they have seized that opportunity to charge him with the offence because by his own admission, ( ie: information on his camera ) he was dangerous driving. He is to appear in court shortly charged with the two different offences. That camera is turning out to be very expensive.
    Happy motoring.

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    Hi Everybody, it’s that nutter again, Monty.

    Just a little something that happened to me at the weekend.
    I am fortunate because of retirement and other things I am able to afford a couple of nice little luxuries, Mortgage paid off, no debt’s left, only the two things you can be sure of are left, Death and Taxes. They are the only things that are certain in life.
    One of those little luxuries i enjoy is my car. It is a Jaguar Sovereign. A nice little 4.0 litre V8 jobby, always got your hand in your pocket with them unfortunately. Anyway I digress, this is basically to show how quickly the DVLA works.
    About two weeks ago The jag had to go in for MOT, no problems passed with flying colours, 22nd Jan it was.
    So last Sunday attended a meeting at the pub, 11 am, Bowling club meeting AGM, season starts approx end of April. Anyway meeting went on for some time had a couple of shandies and a couple of tonic waters with a slice of lime, very nice.
    Meeting finished about 15.20, 3.20 pm.
    On the way home which is about 2 miles perhaps a little more, our very brave boys in blue pulled me over, so I stayed in my car and wound the window down. The driver the officer driving got out, and approached my drivers side window, and asked for my documents. I asked have I done anything wrong sir?. No replied the officer, well why did you stop me?, i asked. Because we can he replied arrogantly, so i decided to get his back up, have’nt you got anything better to do than harass innocent motorists, i asked?. Oh! a mister know it all came the reply. No I said you have to have a reason to stop motorists, so again I asked, have I committed a road traffic offence?. Well according to our data your car has not got an MOT, and we did notice that your car was parked for several hours on the pub car park, So what’s the question then I asked him. The inevitable came out, have you been drinking sir he replied, yes I said, and how much have we had to drink today then sir, oh!, about four drinks probably five. when did you have your last drink sir came the reply, about 20 minutes ago I said.
    Well since your car has no MOT we are correct in stopping you, and you appear to have been drinking, would you come and sit in our vehicle for a moment. What for I asked. I can smell alcohol on your breath and I have reason to believe you may be above the limit of allowed alcohol. In that case then yes I will sit in your vehicle, am I under arrest?. Not yet came the reply. So what will the charges be I asked. Well driving a vehicle with no MOT for a start, and possibly for drink driving.
    I wound him up a bit more, are you sure about that I asked?, We’ll see he said all cockily.
    While this was going on his oppo was walking around my car kicking the tyres, and scrutinizing the tread depth.
    In his vehicle he asked me various questions about my car and his mate said nice car but a bit expensive to run are’nt they, ( Wind up)Is that a crime now? I replied.
    Don’t get smart came the reply, we can smell alcohol on your breath and we believe you to be above the limit, and we require to to take a breath test. ( Another wind up ). Fine I said but I think the only alcohol you can smell is on your own breath, so would you awfully mind taking one before I do, just so we know which one of us has been drinking. We know you have been drinking because you have admitted it the driving officer said.
    Yes I did admit to drinking, but I did not tell you what I had been drinking. You told us you have had 4 to five pints said the driving officer, correction I said, I told you I have had four drinks possibly five but I did not say pints, or alcohol, so who has the alcohol on their breath, because it certainly is’nt me.
    Stop being so daft the officer’s mate said, are you refusing to take this breath test, No I said but I would like you to take one first. You can’t ask us to do that he said, Why not I asked, you are asking me to take one, and me knowing that I have no alcohol on my breath I am wondering who has, is it you or both of you.
    Then I revealed that my car is MOT’d and that the certificate is in the glove compartment and gave them the date that it passed. So I said your information data is not up to date or DVLA’s is’nt. Do you want me to show you. We will get it from your vehicle you stay there. So the officer went and got the MOT certificate came back and told his mate, yeh it’s MOTd.
    Ok then the driving officer said, gave me my keys and MOT certificate, be on your way, we are watching you. So as I got out of their vehicle I said which one of you has had the drink, and at that they drove away, but I do have their numbers, and vehicle number.
    So with DVLA being so slow in updating their records, can cause a lot of hassle on our roads and for the police.
    Don’t know about the drink drive police yet, have’nt spoken to their superior yet.

    Happy Motoring,

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    Monty, Ref: Speed Camera’s.

    I have noticed that a lot of you motorists are still not aware how a lot of these speed camera’s work.
    I will attempt to convey to you all how many different types there are and how the different types work.
    Whether my information is useful to you I do not Know, but it would help if you responded to some of the advice that has been given on this site, as it seems a lot of you ask the questions but never reply when given information on what you may expect when caught by speed camera’s.
    We do try to give you as much information as possible and the in’s and out’s of being caught by these camera’s. So over the next week I will brush up on my camera info, and do my best to inform you of how they work and what/or if any failings they may have.
    let you know soon, MONTY.

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