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    Fola Jones

    Hi Stuart,

    We bought a used Nissan Juke from CarGiant in 2014 and the car developed a gear problem February last year.fortunately, it was still under warranty when we took it to a Nissan Dealership .The whole gear system was replaced with a new one.Just this morning the gear has developed another problem and won’t shift (Auto Transmission). We reached out to Nissan on the assumption that the new gear would be under warranty. But we have been told the gear system is under the car warranty and now that the car is no longer under warranty we will have to pay for a new one. The question is should there be a warranty on the new gear or is Nissan right to say the gear was part of the car’s existing warranty.

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Fola. If you are having a component replaced under New Car Warranty, the replacement component is only subject to the original warranty, not a new warranty.

    So if you have a three-year warranty on a car, and you have a gearbox replaced after two years and 364 days, you would legally only get one day of warranty on the replacement gearbox.

    If you were paying for a new component to be fitted (ie – not under warranty) by a Nissan dealer, the new component would come with its own warranty. Usually this is a two-year warranty, but Nissan may be different.

    From the information you have provided, Nissan would appear to be within its rights to reject a warranty application. However, depending on the nature of the fault and the mileage that the car has covered since the repair was made, there may be a case for them to at least share the cost of repairs. This is unlikely to be covered by law and would fall under goodwill.

    It may be worth talking to Nissan GB head office rather than the dealership, as the dealer is not going to want to get in the middle of an argument over who is going to pay for what may be an expensive bill.

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