Paid deposit on new VW up! and now changed mind


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    Today I went to a Volkswagen dealer and paid a £200 deposit on a new up! I currently own a 2012 up! that I have not finished paying off but with the new road tax changes coming into force I wanted to enquire into potentially getting a new one.

    The dealer was able to write off the outstanding finance still to be paid on my current car and I think I got a bit carried away with new car excitement so paid a £200 deposit to hold the car and signed a form.

    However I’m starting to feel like I’ve made a mistake and am thinking about just keeping my current car until it’s paid off in a couple of years.

    I did pay a £200 holding deposit that I was told would be given back to me once I collected the car , does this actually happen? Also I did sign a form but have not signed all the official documents yet so is it early enough to get out and get the deposit back?

    Many Thanks

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Calum. If you have signed a vehicle order form, you’ve bought a car. The finance is a different story: you are able to cancel that up until 14 days after delivery, however that doesn’t cancel the vehicle contract (it just means you need to find another way to pay for it).

    You can cancel the purchase and there’ snot much the dealer can do to stop you. You may see your £200 again, but you’ll probably have to fight for it.

    For more information, have a read of our article about getting your deposit back when you cancel your new car purchase.

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    Hi Stuart

    Thank you for your reply’

    I have good news , the dealer has agreed to refund me the £200 they made no fuss and I also have it in an email from the salesman that they would refund me so they can’t back track.

    I realise I’ve been lucky and have learnt not to go into a new car without properly thinking it through.

    Thanks again

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    Hi Stuart,
    Similar one here,
    I have put a £1000 deposit on a new VW on PCP, The car has a Build date but hasn’t been built and I’ve asked the retailer to make some amendments to my order (DSG gearbox and colour change)
    they have told me this isn’t possible,
    Am I able to pull out of the sale and start with a new order so I don’t loose my deposit?


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