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    To cut a long story short, saw a car on auto trader that suited my requirements for a first car e.g. Cheap, used and old. The car looked in pretty decent condition, and it had iv the advert 12 months MOT. Went and saw it, liked the look of it, no massive issues what I could see (although I know next to nothing about car) and the bloke took me around the local village to see how it drives (he drove not me. Now, it was a good deal and I put a £100 deposit down (my error I know) and looked forward to arranging insurance and what not.
    However, on inspection of the reg online it appears that it has FAILED it last few MOT’s, including the one in the month where the 12 month MOT would have made sense. The car had multiple corrosive issue on doors and underneath and I panicked obviously!
    After calming, I called the garage and played ignorant, to make sure the garage said it had a 12 month MOT (which they confirmed) after saying I will be down to look at it with my father on the weekend.
    Now I am at a loss and need help.
    I don’t feel comfortable buying this car anymore really, even if there is a reasonable explanation but I can’t see one.
    The car was advertised as holding a MOT, ecen if he has one by the weekend, which still of today it does not hold.
    Is it illegal that the garage owmer drove me around in a car with no MOT?
    Will I get my deposit back (I cocked up afain by not confirming whether it was non returnable)?
    Why would an

    established garage risk this on a £600 car?

    Please help as I am obviously useless!

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