Should a 17 year old buy a new car for their first car?

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    Hi all,

    I’m soon going to be turning 17, and taking driving lessons & test.

    My background: I currently run my own business which earns me a significant amount and allows me to live comfortably. I will be completing an apprenticeship (as it’s the law to stay in education until 18) for an A Level and an extra salary so the money wouldn’t be an issue.

    At the moment, I’m looking at getting a car on business lease (not finance) where I get a new car every 24 months and just pay a monthly amount of £220 (which is incredibly doable in my situation). That’s for a brand new Mercedes A Class AMG Line. It’s been my motivation to work hard for so long and now I’ll be in a position to have it.

    As the money isn’t an issue with leasing/insurance etc, I wanted to ask for some opinions from drivers of different ages:

    – Should a 17 year old have a brand new car for their first car? (If not, why not?)
    – What are your thoughts on leasing? (Yes, I know I will not own the car, however it’s 24 months contract meaning I will pay £6,400 over two years when in two years a brand new A class will have lost £11,000 in depreciation so it’s the best option for a new car)

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    Good luck on your driving lessons! I’d say don’t buy a new car, from personal experience. Some new drivers are very careful at all times and never scratch or bump their car. However, most do! In this case you’ll probably end up spending quite a bit more on your leased car as its value will drop considerably. I would say it’s not worth the risk. If money isn’t an issue, get yourself a nice car up to 2000 pounds to drive comfortably in, and get your Mercedes after you gain around a year’s driving experience solo. Good luck in your travels!

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