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    roger fitzpatrick

    I recently traded in my car at a main dealership and was told my new car which had some damage to the door and was highlighted before i bought it would be resprayed. However the dealership lied to me and just replaced both back doors from a 2015 plate nissan juke mine is a 2011 plate they had to replace both as the windows on the new doors were tinted but told me they had only painted the door with the damage i found out when i took it to my own mechanic ive had the car less than a week if i cancel the deal and the finance do the dealership have to return my car or only the value they offered me for it

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    Hi Roger. How are you certain that the original doors have been replaced?

    In theory there should not be any problem with swapping the doors in any case, as the 2015 Juke is basically the same car as the 2011 model, so it was quite probably quicker and cheaper than repairing and respraying the original damaged doors.

    If you end up being able to reject the car and cancel the finance, the dealership is not obliged to give you your old car back (they may not even have it anymore). They will settle the contract in cash value with you and the finance company.

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      roger fitzpatrick

      Hi stuart thanks for the quick reply were 100percent the garage owned up to it though our mechanic had shown the bolts on the hinges were shiny and also the paint work was a slightly different shade

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    Stuart Masson
    Stuart Masson

    OK, fair enough if they admit that’s what they’ve done. It still doesn’t mean that it’s a bad solution, but it would depend on the condition of the original doors.

    Had they repaired and repainted the original doors, they would still have been a slightly different shade as it is pretty much impossible to match it perfectly five years down the track anyway.

    I’m still not sure it would be grounds to reject the car, as replacing damaged parts with similar used parts it is a fairly common solution to repairing a five-year old car.

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