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    Ayman Seif

    Hello folks,
    I’ve been driving for a while, and I’ve been wondering what technique do you use when releasing the clutch pedal (the method which you feel comfortable with). Personally I feel comfortable when I slide my heel on the floor when releasing the clutch as it gives me a precise movement of the clutch. I prefer this method to the one were ones hover his/her heel when releasing the clutch a it’s less tiring to the leg. So I’d like to know what are your opinions about this!

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    Ayman Seif

    I tend to slide my heel backwards releasing the clutch only when the pedals are higher, but when the pedals are lower, I just pivot my heel making my ankle act as a fulcrum.

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    Bryan Greenall
    Bryan Greenall

    The technique is all down to what clutch you are using in what car you are driving. In my teaching at Evolve Driving School in Milton Keynes, we tend to have cars with a high clutch biting point, therefore, a raised heel is used until very close to the biting point. After this is achieved, the heel of the foot is gently rested on the floor. This will then allow a rocking movement of the ankle to raise or lower the biting point in very small and controlled movements. This will ensure a modicum of control whilst holding the car lets say at a junction waiting to emerge out. If a lower biting point occurs in a car, then a heel on the floor constantly is achievable. As I say it really depends on the car you drive as to what works best for you. The size of your foot can also have an impact on what technique you will use. A bigger foot makes it easier to rest your heel. A smaller foot makes it more difficult to rest your heel. Obviously, trial and error for everybody will find the right balance in clutch control until you are happy with your overall clutch control of your vehicle.

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