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  • in reply to: Car wheel alignment question #66126

    From 11 years of experience in vehicle engineering I can tell you that the graph looks good, you have nothing to worry about.

  • in reply to: Conditional sale agreement #65462

    Can I do a VT on this type of contract?

  • in reply to: Conditional sale agreement #65460

    I have a final payment of £10k if I want to keep the car or I can walk away?

  • in reply to: Moving to England from US – What Car to Bring? #42422

    ;) Dont think a ZR1 is in the cards.

    Will it be an issue driving the vette all year round?
    If so, what do most people do when they have a sports car?

  • in reply to: Moving to England from US – What Car to Bring? #42396

    Didnt know if because BMW/Porsches were more common in England than US and also German parts are alot closer, if the maintenance would be cheaper.

    I have been browsing the UK autotrader and am pretty supprised how close the price of the cars are.

    The M5 in the UK is alot cheaper than here!

    It also looks like I may make a pretty penny by importing a c6z and selling it once in country.

    How is the demand for corvettes? Would I be able to sell it rather easy?

    Would I stand to make a larger profit by importing a new c7 corvette?

  • in reply to: Moving to England from US – What Car to Bring? #42362

    More than likely I will be in the Cambridge/Huntingdon/Kettering Area.

    Any clue on public transportation in this area?

    I believe my company will ship a car to England and one back to the states but will not ship one back if you didnt bring one.

    Your correct on having to get the car to UK spec and im not sure if the company pays that. I will have to find out.

    I suppose I should only bring a car if:
    Its something that would be cheaper in the states
    Not available in England aka Corvette
    Am wanting to ship a car back to the states without paying

    Any idea if it would be cheaper to upkeep a BMW/Porsche in England than it would be in the states?

    Thank you for your time

  • in reply to: Car Finance explained : how the PCP works #37796

    hi Stuart
    can you help me I used to be a director in a ltd company along with 3 others we had 2 vans on a bank loan. I left in 08, and left total control to the others. I have been contacted by a debt collector chasing outstanding money for the vans. I did sign all paper work etc as guarantor. the company ceased trading in 2009/2010. only one of the vans got reposed and sold at auction. also on the credit agreement the registrations are different to the ones on the vans. am I liable for this dept.

  • in reply to: PCP – cancellation rights #32183

    Hi Stuart, a follow on from the quote from dubious. I am buying a new car with £1000 contribution from the manufacturer, was ready to pay cash but advice from salesman to take PCP and get a further £1000 contribution from the finance house who will recover that from the manufacturer. After a couple of months ask for settlement, pay that receiving £1000 minus the payments. He said this is possible but I am sceptical as the GMFV is based as you know on mileage 6000 and term 24 months. Is this practice possible and legal. I would welcome any thoughts on this matter. Very interesting site well done.Noel

  • in reply to: Favourite Racing Driver #5193

    James Simon Wallis Hunt is my favourite racing driver, he is not alive now. He died on 15 june 1993.
    And now Mark Martin is my favourite racing driver.

    Quattro Autocare UK

  • in reply to: Diesel Particulate Filter #5192

    Diesel Particulate filters (DPF) or ‘traps’ do just that, they catch bits of soot in the exhaust.
    As with any filter they have to be emptied regularly to maintain performance. For a DPF this process is called ‘regeneration’ – the collected soot is burnt off at high temperature to leave only a tiny ash residue.

  • in reply to: Car Finance explained : how the PCP works #4499

    Hi there,
    Just a quick question. Last Saturday I took out a new PCP deal, after having my current one for almost 3 out of the 4 year deal. I am happy with the settlement deal etc.

    I agreed to take out another PCP deal on the same car from the same dealer. I signed paper work to order the car and to find finance. After a week of deep thought and looking in a lot more detail at other deals, I feel I may have rushed in.
    Is there any way I could cancel the deal on the new car?
    I haven’t paid any deposit- nor did i leave the dealership with any paper work!

    Any advice greatly appreciated! The sooner the better as I feel any time I have is running out!!

    Thank you :)

  • in reply to: Saw my first… #4050

    In all honesty, it hasn’t been a car that has interested me much in the reviews etc. I haven’t read much on it, just glanced at the articles and thought it looked ok.

    But seeing it yesterday really grabbed my attention. It just looked right and, to my eyes at least, nicer than it did in any pictures I have seen.

  • Thank you again
    In my case, I understood that they are allowed to keep my deposit, despite the fact they spent only few pounds (they were awared 4 days after the purchase and the car sold 4 weeks later). That would be the answer of the Council if I file a complaint.
    So….what could be my strategy? if there is one?
    Thank you.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    Unfortunatly, I was present when I sign the order form. Could you confirm they must repay the deposit because they sold the car?
    I proposed them to repay a reasonable part of the deposit according to their costs ( in fact nothing at all). They refused.
    Thank you.

  • That is the correct story and I do have proof that he said the van had mot I just said the other thing as I did not know how to explain my situation. And I give him my money thinking I was going to be able to drive away as the advertisment also said ready for work. Cheers

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