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    Murphy’s Car Is StolenFuel Gauge – Dollars

    Murphy’s wife borrowed his car and parked in the supermarket car park. Just as she came out laden with shopping, she saw a young lad break into the car, hot wire it and drive off. Naturally she reported the matter to the police.’ What did he look like?, the sergeant asked. ‘I don’t know she replied, but I got the licence plate’. :mrgreen:

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    ilsole wrote:Is £14k your total budget? If so, may I suggest my car??! Not that i want to sell it, but a 2008 LCI (facelift) BMW 3 series 330i petrol will be all the car you’ll ever need. I have a touring version from december 2008 and it’s probably worth around that amount, so a saloon version would be about your budget. On a 12 miles commute you’ll return just over 30mpg, but it’ll sound great, beat the A4 hands down on performance and handling, and be relatively cheap to run. Mine costs me a lot less than the old Audi A6 diesel i used to run in terms of servicing and warranty costs…
    Otherwsie, how about a lexus IS250 petrol? they’re very nice too…

    Really nice looking car. If I lived anywhere other than where I do, it’d be right up there with my list of possibles….but (and it’s a big ‘but’) I live at the end of a cul de sac, and between us and the main road, is a fairly steep hill. The guy 2 doors down from us got caught out the last 2 winters by not driving his beemer up to the top of the hill (so he’s at least got a chance of getting away)…and ending up having to get a lift off his colleague into work for a few days.

    Another mate of mine who also had a 3 series beemer, couldn’t even get his off drive in the snow last winter, so he’s sold it and got the new X3 for this year – unfortunately, I aint got his kinda money :(

    Thanks for the suggestion though :)

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    Thanks for the reply artill.

    The last few cars I’ve owned have been diesels due to the mpg returns. But after looking around at the moment and seeing the difference in price to buy the car – plus reading some articles on mileage vs cost of diesel ownership (car price, cost per litre etc), it’s got me looking at it differently now!

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    I have been a regular reader of autocar for many years and, although I didn’t post very much at all on the forum, I read it religiously morning, lunch and night. Have always enjoyed reading the regulars posts but didn’t not comment very often as I’m not as knowledgeable as you guys. I did, however, always think The Colonel was a massive fan of KFC!

    I am massively into cars and enjoy being out in my car as much as possible to see what else I can spot on the road. I like all sorts of cars and, for my sins, currently drive a dsg equipped hatch with rear tinted windows… Though the car is black so less noticeable! I buy what I like and what suits my needs. I even like the evoque and I’ve owned diesels in the past and would happily do so again in the future.

    My only hope from this forum is to read lots of differing thoughts on lots of motor related topics and enjoy the banter which goes along with it. Hope this forum becomes a real success.

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    Hi Stu. Many thanks for setting this up. Have really enjoyed your posts on autocar and I hope this gets a lot of the regulars from there posting. Looks like a great site. Joseph

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