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    If only.

    Family Weekend was aborted when my 2yo boy started being sick at 1.30am on Friday and didn’t stop until 8am Sat morning – poor fella. Wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds – I don’t think – but he wasn’t happy.

    So we missed Auto Italia which meant not Going in my brothers mint 1995 Delta Integrale. One of the run-out editions with a factory chip to 260bhp. It is a fantastic car! Dehumidified garage, battery on trickle charge, 3000 miles a year if that. An unusual aquamarine blue with beige leather winged Recaro buckets.

    A ONE owner car. He bought it brand new from a dealer in London! I bet he never thought he’d see the day when it’s value inches closer and closer back to the original price.

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    For me one of the great things about cars and their designs is that they’re dynamic. A car can look bad/ok in pictures but if you see one out on the street, or better still being gunned down a good A-road they can transform into being magnificent.

    I notice that the Ferrari-McLaren argument continues both heated and unabated on the Autocar website. Some people use the crowd around the Ferrari stand as being the real indicator that it is clearly more desirable.

    However, at the last two motor shows Ferrari have had a huge video screen showing magnificently crafted videos of their cars being properly, and i mean properly, driven. The F12 (is it? the one with a builders bum) left me fairly cold looking at it on the stand. But on that film, being hustled along a private road it looked awesome.

    And the dogfight between two 458 Italias around a circuit is also top drawer filming showing off the cars fantastically well.

    That is why i would argue the Ferrari stand had such a big crowd, that it made for a much more dynamic stand compared to the McLaren stand, and that cars can look much better on the road than they do in static shots and why you thought that the F-type looked a lot nicer than expected joseph180.

    Do i need to be more concise!?! :)

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    Hi All

    Feels just like home. Like going to a mates wedding in some random part of the country, going to the local pub and finding it full of all your mates.

    Hmmm, Autocar forum – i think enough has been said here already.

    I still have the 2008 159Ti SW and the 2002 Honda Accord Type-R – both recently sailed through MOTs.

    Love cars, am still an Autocar addict, but generally ignore the comments at the bottom of the features. Fascinated by design, engineering but also the marketing and the industry as a whole. Still mistified as to why you would stop producing a car when you had no replacement – yes Mr Marchionne i’m talking about you and the 159/Giulia, you muppet.

    Looking forward to some wit and strong opinions being expressed in an inoffensive manner – like my Marchionne comment above of course :)

    Good on yer Stu for setting this up.

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