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    I think that looks amazing, I know I would buy one.

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    Sorry this has posted twice for some reason.

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    Hi Daniel
    Thank you for your advice on this.
    I did take your advice and got a friend in the back and took him for a drive, he could hear something rolling around in the foot-well in the back but there was nothing there.
    I couldn’t figure it out so found a garage on and booked it in. They cam back with a ball was loose in my fuel tank that was rolling around. Who knows how this came loose, I wonder if its a regular problem with the Clio’s.
    The down side apart from having to pay for the fix was I lost some fuel too as they had to drain my tank to fix the problem. But at least its fixed now and I can have a noise free drive.
    Cheers for your help.

    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Daniel wrote:</div>knocking sounds are hard to identify. A sound that appears to come from one area can actually come from somewhere else entirely. Completely empty the car and get a friend to listen out for the noise whilst you drive. Get him to sit in a different places in the car. If possible on a quiet road or car park get him to stand outside while you drive round him (direction changes/different speeds). This will identify hopefully the source of the sound which will give you more information.
    If its happening when you go round corners it could be a wheel bearing, does it depend what direction you go around the corner?<br>
    It could also be that something has failed and worked loose: brake calipers; springs; dampers.<br>
    Also check its not something really simple like a seat bracket or the rear bench seat not properly in place. Have you recently moved anything bulky or had any work done?<br>

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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