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What is it? The Honda Civic Type R is the latest, most potent version of a performance icon.
Key features: New body and chassis, more power, more versatility.
Our View: The new Honda Civic Type R is a much more complete performance hatch than its predecessor, more potent, but also significantly more practical as a daily driver.
Type of Review: First drive.

Honda Civic Type R – did we not review that quite recently? In fact, it was exactly two years ago. In June 2015, partly on a race track in Slovakia, we attended the launch of the last Civic Type R.

Just 24 months on and we are at staring at another race track, this time the awesome Lausitzring in what was once East Germany, as part of our first experience of an all-new Type R, which arrives in UK showrooms in July.

The reason is, of course, the fact that the mainstream Civic recently underwent its latest regeneration, going on sale in March. And it is a significant change for the model, adopting far more mainstream styling in a bid to increase its share of the market – especially as Honda’s UK plant at Swindon is now the global hub of Civic production.

So it is no surprise that a new Type R is in the mix. But appearing just four months after the mainstream car is almost indecently soon, and perhaps there is another reason. The 2015 Type R was extremely potent, but as an everyday car it could soon become hard work – race definitely ruled over road. With this one, Honda appears to have taken the opportunity to rectify matters, making it more user-friendly a major priority.

Do not think for a minute, however, that the new Type R is watered down. As I will discover in a test that encompasses a challenging race circuit and a legal 150mph on basically a dual carriageway, it’s the most powerful, best-handling version of the car yet.

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Honda Civic Type R looking menacing in red (The Car Expert)

Andrew Charman

Andrew is the News and Road Test Editor for The Car Expert. He is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, and has been testing and writing about new cars for more than 20 years. Today he is well known to senior personnel at the major car manufacturers and attends many new model launches each year.


  1. Personally I think it looks great! It goes like a scalded cat, has the practicality of a well setup hatch, the reliability its competitors can’t touch, the handling of a racing car, and undercuts its competitors on price. Oh and it doesn’t have engine blocks failing after 10,000 kms, underengineered/overheating rear clutch packs, dual-clutch gear boxes that turn to rubble, and a parent company more interested in money then poisoning families with it’s emissions. Seems like the only choice really..

    • Stuart Masson

      It could be coincidence, but judging by the IP address, “Persuaded” appears to be located very close to Honda Australia’s headquarters in Sydney…

  2. Troll much? I happen to live in the biggest city in Australia, along with 5 million other people, and I personally like what this car offeres and will be checking it out when it arrives here in Oct. Do you live on planet earth, well you must be a VW employee, maybe we should chat about your latest emissions scandal – I won’t tell.


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