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Infiniti QX30 review 2017 full road test (The Car Expert)

What is it: The Infiniti QX30 is the premium brand’s entry into the booming crossover market.
Key features: Sharp looks, standard all-wheel-drive, plenty of equipment.
Our view: The Infiniti QX30 has its flaws but overall is a viable premium crossover for those looking for something different to the masses.
Review type: Full road test

Anyone who follows the motor industry knows that these days virtually no manufacturer can do without an SUV or crossover model. Even the premium market is no longer immune from such things, and so we now have the Infiniti QX30.

That Nissan’s luxury brand should go the crossover route is no surprise – while a major player in the US, Infiniti is still having to work hard to establish itself in Europe, and with direct rival Audi’s Q3 totally outstripping its sales predictions, there is clear evidence that upmarket buyers are as crossover hungry as the mainstream.

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Infiniti QX30 review | rear view | The Car Expert

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