Just how safe are UK drivers?

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Just how safe are UK drivers?

Driving safely and cautiously is expected of everybody on the road, no matter how much experience you have.  With more licenced drivers and vehicles on our roads than ever before, the roads can become very busy (especially during peak rush hour times!).

Taking care whilst driving is of paramount importance as speed and driving without due care and attention can kill. While lawmakers regularly introduce more and more measures to prevent reckless driving, such as speed cameras and speed bumps, some drivers will always try and push the limits.

While the UK is not considered a dangerous place to drive, accidents do happen and the Government will always push to reduce the numbers of fatal accidents on our roads.

Over the years, the driving test and theory test have got ‘progressively harder’ for new drivers. According to the Department for Transport, the number of motorists passing their practical test at the first attempt is at its lowest level for ten years.

Despite stricter theory and practical driving tests, introduced in the hope that we as a nation will create better and more safer drivers, accidents still happen, whether it be our fault or not.

Speed is undoubtedly a factor in many fatal road accidents. In 2013, there were 3,064 people killed or seriously injured in car crashes where speed was the major contributing factor.

With that statistic in mind, it’s hard to understand why people even speed in the first place. Over the past four years, more than £45 million speeding fines have been issues. That’s an incredible amount considering the severity of the outcome that speeding can entail.

So out of general curiosity and an eagerness to highlight the dangers of unsafe driving, we at BestCarFinder set out to determine just how safe our UK drivers are.

Surveying British drivers about their driving behaviour

Through surveying 1,000 UK adults that owned a car, we managed to find statistics such as:

  • 7% of 18-24 years olds never wear a seatbelt
  • 16% of drivers admitted they exceed speed limits every day
  • 14% did not consider themselves to be safe drivers

In a world full of high speeds with just a push of a pedal, we must understand the dangers we put ourselves and others if we do not obey the laws of the road.

Even something as simple as wearing a seat belt, which has countlessly proven to save lives, is not always adhered too. 7% of 18-24 year olds said they never wear a seatbelt whilst driving, which in our eyes is ludicrous considering the impact not doing so can have.

From the infographic below, let us know what you feel is the most shocking statistic. Do you even consider yourself a safe driver?

How safe are UK drivers? Infographic 01How safe are UK drivers - infographic 02How safe are UK drivers? Infographic 03

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