Kia Picanto review

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Kia Picanto review

What is it? The Kia Picanto is the all-new third-generation version of the brand’s mass-selling city car.
Key features: More space, more efficient, new tech.
Our view: The Kia Picanto is improved in all areas and will remain a leading contender in the city car market.
Type of review: First drive.

City cars are a declining sector of the UK market – the creators of the third-generation Kia Picanto admit such in the press pack introduction to the car. The crossover takeover has reached the traditional small car’s patch as more buyers abandon traditional small cars for chunky, boxy machines in which they can sit higher up.

However, the market in which the Picanto competes is still huge business for Kia, its little car taking more than 60,000 of the one million annual A-segment sales. And nowhere is this more true than in the UK. British buyers, more than half of them women, account for almost a quarter of all European Picanto sales, the model regularly in the UK’s city car top five.

So there is no doubting the importance of this launch to Kia, and the recipe appears to make no radical departures, but to improve the car in all areas.

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