Maserati Ghibli Diesel review

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Maserati Ghibli Diesel review (The Car Expert)

What is it? Refresh of luxury brand’s entry-level model.
What’s new? Cleaner emissions, suspension tweaks, upgraded infotainment system
Our view: The latest gentle makeover for the Maserati Ghibli simply adds extra lustre to an already very good product.
Type of review: Taster test

1603_Maserati_Ghibli_02Maserati has always traded on luxury, sporting but not overtly sporty cars and the latest gentle makeover for the Ghibli simply adds extra lustre to an already very good product.

The car gains a number of subtle changes – its engines, both diesel and petrol, are now Euro 6 emissions compliant, achieved on our diesel test car through the fitting of the AdBlue engine additive, while the suspension has been worked on to further improve the already impressive ride and handling.

The brand is determined in only adding technology that will not dilute the driving experience of its product. Blind Spot Alert fulfils that brief, an important extra safety feature. The power boot lid with hands-free operation simply adds convenience.

1603_Maserati_Ghibli_03Inside there is now a Siri Smart personal assistant feature, the standard Harmon Kardon sound system has been improved, and on the optional premium Bowers & Wilkins system there is now technology that enhances the sound of compressed music files. Black piano trim, Segna silk inlays and extra detailing complete the package.

The diesel powerplant is audibly as inoffensive as one could possibly expect while serving up no lack of pace when pushed hard. In cruise mode, at motorway speeds it is very refined indeed, and retains much of that refinement even when showing how confidently this car can be cornered.

1603_Maserati_Ghibli_05Maserati is a bit of a hidden gem. The Ghibli serves up every bit as much luxury as perhaps better-known rivals, but with a diesel engine offering fuel consumption figures close to 50mpg it is also a surprisingly sensible purchase, especially in the corporate market.

Perhaps the convincing factor, however, one missed by many potential buyers, is that this diesel-powered luxury car costs from £49,160. Why follow the masses and spend £50,000 on an innocuous BMW or Mercedes-Benz, when one can have a Maserati?

Maserati Ghibli – key specifications

Tested model: 1603_Maserati_Ghibli_06Maserati Ghibli Diesel
Price: £49,160
On sale: 2016
Engine: V6 diesel, 271bhp, 443lbft
0-62mph and max speed: 6.3sec, 155mph (limited).
Economy and emissions: 47.9mpg, 158g/km
Test date: March 2016

The Car Expert Taster Tests are concise summaries of new models to the market, that we have driven for under 50 miles. They are often preludes to full road tests of the vehicle at a later date.


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