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MG MG3 low deposit finance offer (The Car Expert)

MG Motor UK is currently offering 0% finance on selected finance agreements for the MG3 range.

The interest-free finance applies to conditional sale agreements (basically a hire purchase without the ‘option to buy’ fee at the end) on new MG3 models purchased and delivered by the end of June.

For most models in the range, there is a 20% minimum deposit requirement set by MG Financial Services. However, in a specific offer on the top-spec MG3 3Style+ model, a low-deposit offer is also available (advertised as £189 up front and then £189/month for five years). This model also includes a £166 deposit contribution that the other models do not offer – although you can always still haggle on price with any car purchase, even on 0% finance.

The Car Expert says… always check the fine print

With a 0% APR deal, there are no fees and no interest, and on a conditional sale agreement there are no mileage restrictions. However, there will be fees and charges if you are late with payments or default on payments.

The finance deal only applies to new cars, which does not include dealer demonstrators or pre-registered cars. The finance offer is provided through MG dealers by MG Financial Services, which is a trading name for GMAC UK (the company actually providing the finance). If a dealer offers you a finance deal that does not match these details, it is not part of this offer.

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