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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe (The Car Expert)

After numerous online leaks, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe has been unveiled ahead of its expected debut at the Detroit motor show in January.

Unlike the previous generation E-Class coupe, which was actually based on a C-Class platform, the new model is based on the same architecture as the E-Class saloon launched earlier this year. The new car is now physically larger than its little brother, unlike the old model which was virtually identical in size to the C-Class coupe.

The exterior styling bears a strong resemblance to Mercedes’ recent models, the E-Class saloon, C-Class saloon and coupe. As with the saloon models, spotting the difference between an E-Class coupe and its little brother is fairly difficult. The big difference is the glasshouse design, as the E-Class follows previous generations with a pillarless sweeping roof arc and opening rear windows. The C-Class coupe has a conventional B-pillar and fixed rear windows.

Inside, the new E-Class coupe has adopted the layout from the saloon variant, including the optional dual 12-inch screens which between them cover a large amount of the dashboard. The new model is also significantly roomier than the previous model, which will particularly benefit rear passengers.

AMG E-Class coupe on the way?

Mercedes-AMG is believed to be planning its own versions of the new E-Class coupe, which are yet to be announced. The performance brand did not produce an E63 version of the previous coupe because it did not feel the structure was strong enough to cope with such a high level of performance (since the old model was basically a C-Class coupe with the B-pilar chopped out).

The E-Class coupe is likely to be loaded up with luxury features and options to distance itself from the C-Class coupe underneath it in the huge Mercedes-Benz range. Air suspension will be available, along with all the latest safety and comfort technologies that Mercedes can offer.

UK pricing and specification has yet to be announced, but the range is expected to follow the previous model’s mix of petrol and diesel engines. At the global announcement of the new E-Class coupé, the engine line-up consisted of a 194hp 2.0-litre diesel, a 2.0-litre petrol engine in both 184 and 245hp variants, and a 3.0-litre V6 petrol unit producing 333hp. The petrol engines are carried over from the previous model, while the diesel is new to the E-Class coupe but already used in the C-Class and E-Class saloons.

Further down the track, an E-Class cabriolet seems inevitable, along with further engine variants and possibly a hybrid model. Diesel versions dominated UK sales for the previous model, and are expected to do so again with the new one.

It is likely that UK specifications will follow the SE and AMG Line trims already established. The new E-Class coupe is expected to arrive in the UK in April 2017.


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