Nissan X-Trail (2014 – 2017) review

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Nissan X-Trail (2014 – 2017) review

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Engine and drivetrain

Initially, the third-generation X-Trail had only a 130hp diesel to choose from. A year on came a 163 petrol but only when the 2-litre diesel of 177hp launched in 2016 were accusations of too little power fully addressed.

With buying trends turning away from diesel engines, however, our test car houses the petrol option. This is a four-cylinder unit, the peak power coming in at 5,600rpm, with 240Nm of torque, on tap between 2,000 and 4,000rpm.

Time was when the idea of an X-Trail without an all-wheel-drive powertrain would have been anathema. But today most people buy these models for looks rather than ability, so every version offers a two-wheel-drive model and these significantly out-sell their 4WD sisters.

One area in which the new X-Trail will not be any different to our model is in powertrain choice, with the same trio of engines and transmission options.

On the road

Again, the driving manners of the X-Trail used to reflect its more off-road credentials, being a bit crude. This aspect has long been addressed, however, and the third-generation model rides well and remains poised in corners. A major aid to this is the multi-link rear suspension, a step above its Qashqai sister.

It is an easy model to drive, particularly considering its size. Yet while the sub 10-second 0-62mph time is respectable, it doesn’t feel that quick – the 2.0-litre diesel provides more satisfying acceleration despite recording similar times.

Introduction | Design | Powertrains | On the Road | Equipment | Summary and Specifications

Nissan X-Trail on the road | The Car Expert

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