Quick fixes for life’s winter car problems

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Quick fixes for your car's winter blues

Winter weather is tough for your car.  Manufacturers try to have an answer for everything, but there are still some areas where they fall down, of course.

The constant progress of technology is also a frustration for many drivers. With new gadgets and gizmos being introduced with every new car launch, keeping on trend and ahead of the game can be expensive. After all, few people can afford to upgrade their car on a regular basis, though long-term car leasing options can make this much more affordable.

Many cars – often from some of the biggest and most luxurious car manufacturers in the world, and priced to make even lottery winners think twice – do not even have a drinks holder; and as the colder mornings creep in, this could be a disaster.

However, though it may not be as stylish as an integrated pop-out, flip-up or slide-over cup holder, there is a quick fix. Lodged safely in the car door well or in the centre console, a shoe can hold a drink just fine. Trainers are particularly ideal in this regard, with their soft and grippy linings. However, stuffing some tissue paper in a regular shoe will make it grip better – best not to use stilettos though.

Whatever the reason for your car having a few issues – be it its age, its lack of clever design, or if that particular piece has become broken over time – there are many quick fixes. With great ideas for saving cash and getting out of a tight spot too, here are a few other quick solutions to those niggling winter car calamities.

Sharpen up your winter view

With winter approaching, frost has already been seen in some parts of the UK. This of course means unheated windscreens will need scraping every day. Now, another great item to store in a car door well, together with your ‘drink shoe’, is a squeegee. These often become lost, broken or forgotten about through the summer though.

Iced up car windows / car windscreenThis leaves many drivers frustratingly removing the frost with their credit cards, which causes damage to both glass and card, or by pouring hot water over the windscreen, which can cause the glass to crack. Instead, opt for a razor or Stanley knife blade. The sharper blade will get rid of the icy covering in next to no time and not risk scratching the glass. It can also be used to clean all windows by removing those stubborn sticky pieces of dirt. Do be careful though.

The sun always rises in the east

It could also be possible for you to avoid getting frost on your windscreen at all, by simply parking the car facing east. As the sun rises, it will warm the windscreen and simply melt the frost. It could also warm up the car a little, which will make those cold winter morning starts for you and the car much easier to cope with.

Make your car purr like a cat

Okay, so not quite, but your pet kitty could certainly get you and your car meow-ving a lot quicker on a cold winter morning when the road or driveway is iced up. An amazing invention for a great many things, cat litter under the wheels will soon give you grip.

A handy key to de-icing your door locks

Another issue for motorists during the winter are frozen locks. Now, there are several points to remember here. Firstly, consider where you park the car again, as having sun on the car will likely de-ice the lock before you get there. Alternatively, be sure to check both locks – they don’t always both become locked. Finally, if all else has failed, just reach for your hand sanitiser, which will soon have things thawed out.
How to de-ice your car door lock in winter

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  1. I have tried cat litter crystals in my car to prevent frost on the inside of my windscreen, but it doesn’t work. Has anyone got a solution???


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