Redesigned Renault Captur to be revealed in Geneva

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Redesigned Renault Captur to be revealed at Geneva Motor Show

The updated Renault Captur is set to be revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show next week.

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The redesign of both exterior and interior features will allow customers to choose from 36 different combinations in order to create their own bespoke Captur. Personalisation possibilities have been extended to the car’s two-tone body colour option, with two new colours: Desert Orange and Ocean Blue. A new roof colour, Mercury Silver, is also available along with a choice of seven interior and five exterior personalisation packs.

Upgraded Renault Captur to debut at the 2017 Geneva motor show

Drivers can now choose from 36 different combinations to personalise their Renault Captur.

The Captur is now available with full LED headlights which are similar to other models in the Renault family, such as the larger Kadjar SUV. Another feature shared by the two models is the grille, upgraded on the Captur with a chrome strip. Three new alloy wheel designs in 16 and 17 inches will be available across the Captur range.

LED daytime running lights are incorporated in the lower front bumper, while the rear lights are visible both day and night. The front and rear bumpers also include new skid plates.

A panoramic fixed glass roof is now available at extra cost from the third trim level up, which should improve ambient light in the cabin.

Further specification and pricing details are due to be announced in Geneva.

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Facelifted Renault Captur 2017

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