Scrapping a car – how it actually works

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Scrapping a car is a very environmentally-sensitive process

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You’ve finally decided to take the leap and buy a new car.  Your finances are all in place, you know which set of wheels you have your eyes on and have imagined it sitting perfectly in your driveway. The only thing standing in your way now is the small little question of what to do with your current car. 

You might be lucky enough to be able to sell it to another driver who will look after it and love it like you once did. However, if you’re not fortunate enough to have the luxury of being able to offer someone a fully working, safe and efficient car then how do you dispose of it to make way for your new vehicle? It may be that you’re vehicle is now not safe to drive and a risk to you and other motorists or maybe an accident has written your car off.

You’ve gone through the options available to you and identified one as scrapping your car. However, if this has now conjured up images of vast land filled with old and battered cars stacked sky high then you wouldn’t be alone. You would then be pleasantly surprised to learn that scrapping your can may be one of the most environmentally friendly and safe options to dispose of your car. Sell The Car offer a simple solution to motorists – they buy your car from you, take it apart, remove all the hazardous materials and pollutants, save all the components that can be reused or recycled and leave you to enjoy the freedom of driving away in your new car knowing that you’re old one is in safe hands.

Sell The Car have created this great little infographic to help you understand the scrap car process and illustrate what exactly happens to your old car once you’ve decided to get it scrapped.

Sell The Car is an organisation which scraps and recycles your car.

Sell The Car is a British firm which scraps and recycles your car.

Sell The Car scraps and recycles cars in the UK

Sell The Car

Sell The Car are the UK’s largest buyers of scrap vehicles, no matter what condition shape, or size. With no hidden fees and a free pick up service, Sell The Car make the process as simple as possible whether you’re looking to scrap a car, van or motorcycle.

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