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This article is brought to you by Giveacar, the UK’s first car donation scheme.

Giveacar scrap car charityAn innovative not-for-profit social enterprise in London has been turning old and used cars from all over the UK into monetary donations for charity, whilst providing a simple, free and environmentally-beneficial service for members of the public.

What Giveacar does is very simple: they collect any car from anywhere in the UK for free, then scrap or auction the vehicle and send the proceeds to a registered UK charity of the donor’s choice. Since launching in 2010, Giveacar has raised over £1.4 million for over 1,300 charities across the UK and are on course to get to £1.5 million within the next two months.

Giveacar allows charities to tap into a brand new source of funds, and also offers members of the public who might not normally have the financial means to give to charity an alternative method of supporting their chosen causes. Equally, by only using authorised treatment facilities that follow all of the guidelines set out in the Environmental Agency’s End of Life Directive, they minimise the environmental impact of all the scrapped cars they process.

Charities like the NSPCC have received over £30,000 through the scheme in the four years that it has been running. Ros Bird, Corporate Manager of the NSPCC, described how she has “watched this social business, with giving at its heart, grow to what it has become today – an amazing success – helping many worthwhile causes!”

As well as supporting UK charities, Giveacar has also launched its own charity project, hopefully the first of many! The Build-a-School project offers donors a very tangible outcome following their vehicle donation, as by raising £10,000 through car donations the Giveacar team and their partners at HEAL Kids will be able to build a school in a small Burmese village which is home to 50 children who currently have to walk five miles and cross four rivers to reach their nearest school. Other exciting projects have seen Giveacar featured on the BBC after raising £7,732 for Children in Need from fifty car donations, and also saw the team take part in the ScumRun in May, in which they travelled around Europe in an old banger to raise money for Tommy’s the baby charity.

Giveacar has also just received its biggest-ever single donation. An amazing donor offered a one-year-old Volvo V40, raising a quite remarkable £12,091.40 for their chosen charity!

If you have a used car you would like to donate through Giveacar, visit the website at or phone on 020 7736 4242.

James Heaven

James works as a PR and marketing intern at Giveacar Ltd while studying English at university.

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