Sports model tops new BMW i3 electric range

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Sports model tops new BMW i3 electric range

The BMW i3 has been facelifted three years after it first went on sale, with styling revisions, more equipment and a new sports-pitched model, the i3s.

This version produces 184hp with peak torque of 270Nm, which compares to 170hp and 250Nm from the i3. It will go from 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds and onto 99mph, while its official electric range is 174 miles, the real-world range 125mph.

Sports suspension is also fitted, with bespoke springs, dampers and anti-roll bars, that also drops the ride height by 10mm. A Sport drive mode is added, with more direct response to the accelerator and sharper steering, while a 40mm wider track is contained within black wheel arch extenders. The 20-inch alloy wheels are 20mm wider than previous versions.

More miles per charge

Across the i3 line-up improved range is promised from the 94Ah lithium-ion battery mounted in the floor. The Dynamic Stability Control traction system has been refined and responds faster, while a wheel speed limiter both aids stability and improves the energy regenerated under braking.

The restyling majors on a sportier look emphasising the i3’s width, with a black belt running from the bonnet over the roof, more black on the A-pillars and roof lines and a chrome strip across the rear flank. More exterior paint finishes are now available and LED headlamps are now standard, while the choice of driver-assistance systems available has been expanded.

Both the i3 and i3s can be ordered with a range-extender petrol engine. The two-cylinder unit offers 38hp to drive a generator and adds 93 miles to the everyday range.

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