The result of the UK’s referendum on 23rd June 2016 to withdraw from the European Union is widely known as Brexit, a portmanteau of “Britain” and “exit”.

UK car manufacturing hits 17-year high

UK car manufacturing hit a 17-year high in November with output from automotive factories already 56,000 ahead of the whole of 2015's production.

Brexit warning as Brit-built cars hit 18-year high

British factories produced more cars in June than in any month in 18 years, but there are fears that Brexit uncertainty could stall manufacturing growth.

Brexit fears as UK car production soars

New figures show that car manufacturing in the UK soared by more than a quarter in May, just as the industry faces great uncertainty following the vote to leave the European Union.

Motor industry reacts to Brexit vote

The UK’s vote to leave the European Union has sent shock waves through the motor industry, both inside and outside of the country.

Sales slowdown – stability or Brexit fears?

Car registrations in the UK grew 2.5 per cent in May, suggesting that the sales market has levelled out after strong growth in 2015.

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