Spiritual keeper of the Lotus 7 flame, Caterham specialises in building ever-faster versions of the Seven for both road and track use.

Caterham Seven Sprint goes back to the 1960s

After more than forty years of evolving its interpretation of the iconic Lotus Seven, Caterham has looked to an early Lotus version for the inspiration behind its latest Seven Sprint model.

Track inspires Caterham’s newest model

Caterham has launched its Seven 310, with a 20bhp power upgrade found by the brand's motorsport department and described as the best-balanced Caterham yet.'

Caterham Drift Champion drifting experience

How much fun can you have in a car park? Well if you're in a Caterham Roadsport 140 that's been specially tuned for drifting and doing donuts, then then the answer is "an awful lot!".

Renault buys Caterham out of joint sports car project

Renault has ended its joint venture with Caterham and bought out the stake the UK maker held in the Alpine sports car project.

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