A crossover or crossover utility vehicle (CUV), is a vehicle built on a car platform and combines features of an SUV with features from a passenger vehicle.

MG GS review

With no significant downsides and plenty of plus points, there's every reason for the MG GS to become a significant player in the brand's progress.

First MG SUV starts from £14,995

The first MG SUV has thrown down the gauntlet to potential rivals by pricing the new QS from £14,995 to £19,495, undercutting major opponents.

‘Crucial’ SEAT Ateca SUV on sale at £18K

SEAT has unveiled full details of the brand’s first SUV, the Ateca, described by the brand’s head as “one of our most crucial cars ever.”

Jaguar F-Pace review

The Jaguar F-Pace takes the brand out of its sports saloon comfort zone towards SUV territory, but not so far that sister brand Range Rover will be worried.

Subaru updates best-selling Forester

Subaru is refreshing its Forester to maintain its status as the brand’s best-selling model. Upgrades include soundproofing, interior and additional safety.

Geneva Show – SEAT debuts Ateca SUV

SEAT has unveiled its first SUV model, the Ateca, at the Geneva Motor Show. SEAT say that the model will become the “third pillar” of the brand.

Kia Sportage review

There’s every reason to believe the fourth-generation Kia Sportage will continue to be the biggest seller in the company's UK operations.

Renault Kadjar review

The Renault Kadjar is a very capable new member of the ever-expanding crossover segment, but has it arrived at the party too late?

Honda CR-V review

The Honda CR-V was an effective SUV to begin with, and the changes made to this new model have made a good package better.

The rise of the premium SUV in the UK

Over the past few years, the major cities and towns of the UK have become inundated with premium SUVs (sports utility vehicles). The number of SUV and crossover vehicles continues to grow, and this trend looks set to continue. Guest blogger Pete McAllister looks at the premium SUV phenomenon and a few of the cars which are part of it.

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