Road Trip

The road trip. It is a sacred journey, either to complete some noble quest, or simply to enjoy in itself. The open road, your favourite songs, your chosen companion(s) and your four-wheeled partner in adventure. How could anything be better?

What’s the best car for your summer road trip?

The perfect road trip - maybe it's gliding along an open highway in America, or zipping down a mountain roads with the wind in your hair.

Car breakdown cover for holidaying abroad

If you're heading abroad with your car for a driving holiday, you're probably considering an age-old debate: "Should I take out European breakdown cover, or rely on local garages?" The AA is here to give you some things to consider (sponsored post)

Driving abroad – how to avoid a fine

If you decide to go driving abroad, it's important to stay legal. By taking care and being prepared out on the roads of Europe, you can ensure you don't get stuck with a costly fine or worse.

Travel safely on your UK staycation road trip

Lots of Brits are heading off on road trips across the UK. Here is a ten-point guide for enjoyable and safe travel on your UK staycation.

Seven golden rules for a fantastic driving holiday

How do you get the most out of a road trip? have put together 7 golden rules for a successful driving holiday for

Five tips for driving abroad

Driving abroad can leave you feeling intimidated and anxious. But as Doug Climenhaga explains, by taking some basic precautions, you'll be confident behind the wheel in no time when driving overseas.

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